Why A Lead Generation Company Can Help Pest Control Companies in 2019

By Chris Keenan on August 22, 2019

If you are feeling as though you are not acquiring the number of leads or even type of leads you are hoping for, you may need a lead generation company to come in.

While it may be a business expense, a lead generation company may actually net you more in the long-run. Having another set of eyes, set of knowledge, and the availability to dig deep into your pest control marketing may be what is needed to move from the red into the black or move farther into the black for your pest control company.

Here are some reasons why a lead generation company may be a good decision in 2019:

Lead generation companies continue to learn new skills to improve leads

Lead generation companies focus on lead generation, therefore the skills that come with the territory are always being improved upon.

What may have worked ten years ago may not hold true today. Even what worked a year ago may no longer be relevant.

DIY marketing can be fine but if you are focused on different parts of your pest company, you will need someone who is constantly learning new techniques to deliver strong and lucrative leads and that being their main focus. A lead generation company can offer the expertise that will drive customers to your website and pick up the phone to call.

The focus on lead generation companies is your pest control business

As stated above, lead generation companies come with the expertise but they also come with the focus and time. You are running a pest control business and need to focus on operations, accounting, and even administrative tasks at times. Adding marketing to the mix may just end up with a marketing campaign that will not drive quality leads.

Having a team focused on your business, learning what it is you want out of your leads and how you wish to acquire them is key to success. You will now be off-loading the tasks to professionals in the lead gen world who can really dig into the numbers, analyze the results, and adjust on a regular basis to make sure you are netting the best leads for the best cost.

Allowing a lead generation company to look at the numbers give a new perspective on your pest marketing

Sometimes, when it is your pest business, it is hard to step away from the numbers. You may look at a bad week as a failure but that is just the nature of the business as things do rise and fall based on local economy, natural diseasters, or even simply seasonal changes.

Lead generation companies working on your marketing can take that personal connection of marketing and show you ways to improve your marketing in a way that does not reflect solely on you.

Perhaps, the ads need to be rewritten, a bid needs to be increased, or a simple fix to the website may draw traffic–lead generation companies know this and will explain how this will help and also how this change is not a reflection of anything wrong you did to try and promote your pest business.

When looking at your numbers and marketing this year, you may want to sit down and be frank about how you are doing in terms of leads and how you can improve and grow. If you feel that adding a professional or team of lead generation experts will get more quality leads and allow you to focus elsewhere in your business, then it may be wise to outreach to find a company that best fits your needs.