Author: Chris Keenan

Four Ways To Potentially Spend Less Money On Paid Pest Advertising

By Chris Keenan on September 16, 2019

Paid advertising is just that–paying to advertise. While you do have to put money down, you may not always have to put the same amount down. Hopefully, over time, you will be paying less for advertising as you move forward with your pest control business. Below are a few ways in which to leverage marketing […]


The Best Ways To Utilize Google Ads In Pest Control Marketing

By Chris Keenan on September 4, 2019

Google Ads offers a wealth of capabilities and information for businesses who use the platform. Pest control businesses can benefit from taking the time to set up and evaluate all data provided by the platform. Here are a few ways Google Ads can be used for pest control companies to hone in on target audiences, […]


Why A Lead Generation Company Can Help Pest Control Companies in 2019

By Chris Keenan on August 22, 2019

If you are feeling as though you are not acquiring the number of leads or even type of leads you are hoping for, you may need a lead generation company to come in. While it may be a business expense, a lead generation company may actually net you more in the long-run. Having another set […]


How To Create A Marketing Plan In Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on July 5, 2019

You may be a new pest control business or may be in need of a marketing regroup for your business goals. Marketing plans may seem like a lot but if you are willing to put the time and work into creating a plan that understands both your business and your customer, you will have a […]


Three Ways To Market Your Pest Control Services Online

By Chris Keenan on June 13, 2019

Marketing your pest control business may seem like a big time commitment. You need to get your business out there, show your services and offerings, and pay money in hopes of a good return-on-investment (ROI). Online marketing for pest control should not be a daunting task and while there may be multiple ways to market […]


Three Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Pest Control Website

By Chris Keenan on May 30, 2019

You built your website and it looks great. You are following pest control marketing best practices for your website but how do you then drive people to your website? Depending on your locale and competition, word-of-mouth may not be enough, especially if you are new to the pest control world. Below are three ways to […]


How Long-Tail Keywords Can Help Pest Control Websites

By Chris Keenan on May 10, 2019

Keywords are a huge factor when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and as a pest control business with a website, you should be factoring in keywords into your website. How do you get better rankings though or show search engines where you are located when the obvious keywords are very broad such as […]


Three Ways To Improve Your Website Content in Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on April 24, 2019

Websites for pest control businesses should be constantly evolving. New content can be added but also updating and re-purposing old content is also a great way to keep your website updated and in favorable standings in the search engines. Below are three ways to improve your pest control business’s website content efficiently. Gather Updated Pest […]


Is Your Google My Business Account Complete?

By Chris Keenan on March 30, 2019

When you go online for pest control, you are looking for a local and reputable business. With so many online resources to find these businesses, it can get daunting going from website, to review site, to gather enough information as a customer to make a call. If you are a pest control business, you want […]


Three Ways To Utilize Existing Content For Your Digital Pest Marketing

By Chris Keenan on March 21, 2019

Content is a very important part of pest control business operations. Whether the content exists at website copy, a blog, or other forms within your website, there is no shortage of ways to implement it into your pest marketing tactics. Now, you may run into a point when you feel you no longer can think […]