Three Ways SEO Can Help Pest Marketing in 2020

By Chris Keenan on November 9, 2019

Pest controllers can benefit greatly from adding search engine optimization (SEO) into their 2020 marketing plans and beyond. SEO, while a slow crawl, can create some sustainable marketing efforts for your pest control business.

Below are three ways SEO can help your pest control business and pest marketing efforts:

SEO Can Help Organize Your Website

SEO has a way of helping organize your website without you even knowing it. You will find that having pest-specific pages for each pest you service with keyword-rich content can help with SEO and also cleans up the look of your website as well.

You may also find you have too much content that is not optimized, in which, utilizing SEO may allow you to clean up the copy–organizing the website as well.

SEO is not just keywords and layout but having a website that is navigable for your customers and easily accessible is definitely a way to help keep them on your website–another benefit for SEO.

SEO Can Allow Local Consumers To Find You in Search Engines

Local search is a great way to get noticed in your local service area. SEO practices may involve ensuring your website has multiple instances that list your location (if applicable), a phone number with a local area code, and local towns and services areas you treat. This can allow search engines to understand where you are located.

You can also create a Google My Business account that can showcase all of that information as well as keep other data such as reviews and hours of operation in one spot.

SEO Can Provide a Means of Content Dissemination of Pest Services

When creating content on your website such as a blog, special for current or new customers, or even just letting the local area know you are a pest control business, it is important to create content on your website but also share.

Content dissemination on social media, local forums, and groups are great ways to help boost your website presence and also get traffic to your website to convert into customers. Keeping your content dissemination hyper-focused on your local area and local area forums can benefit SEO by driving interested parties to your website as well as allowing happy customers to share your content with their networks as well.

SEO does not need to be intimidating for pest control operations but if you find it is not in your bandwidth to undertake, hiring SEO specialists to look at your website is a great next step to take.