The Best Ways To Utilize Google Ads In Pest Control Marketing

By Chris Keenan on September 4, 2019

Google Ads offers a wealth of capabilities and information for businesses who use the platform.

Pest control businesses can benefit from taking the time to set up and evaluate all data provided by the platform. Here are a few ways Google Ads can be used for pest control companies to hone in on target audiences, utilize data, and provide cost-effective marketing to your target audience.

A/B Testing Ads

Creating ads is a key aspect of Google Ads platform. But, Google Ads is not a set and forget type platform if you want to see quality results.

You will need to set your targeting data for Google Ads before creating ads in a campaign but after it is key to create multiple ads to allow for A/B testing to occur and see what offers or deals resonate best with your target audience.

You might offer 50% Off Pest Treatment in one ad and Same Day Service in another and knowing which one results in better metrics is key to continue to provide what the customer is looking for in your pest control business.

Google Ads offers Responsive Ads in their new interface which allows you to create multiple combinations of ads in one sitting and the AI behind the data will show the best performing ad the most once enough data is collected.

Keyword Research

Knowing what your customers are looking for is key for both ads and webpages that match customer queries online.

Google Ads allows you to see exactly what phrases and words sparked your ads to appear in Google Search.

This data can allow you to create landing pages that have these words or phrases in them–a great way to improve search engine optimization (SEO) and create new ads and material focused on your target audience.

You may see your target audience is searching for “humane” or “green” pest control–something you may not offer now but can down the road. You may also see a pest being searched for that you currently do not have a pest page or any advertisements for but can easily create one knowing this information.

Conversion Data

When set up correctly, conversion data helps to keep inventory of how many clicks or impressions it takes to get a converted sale into a pest control customers.

This can allow you to understand what your break-even point is or the dollar amount you tend to spend per conversion.

You will need to set up conversion tracking and be able to attach it to your website or landing page that serves as a source of conversion data. This can help with pricing accordingly and understanding what you can offer to customers as a deal while still making a profit.

Demographic Data

Demographic data is available on Google Ads to give an idea of where people are searching from, their interests, and even other demographic data.

This, in unison with Google Analytics, can paint a large-scale picture of who your target audience is.

You may notice a lot of customers coming from a certain neighborhood so an increase in marketing in that area may be beneficial. You may also notice you get more residential calls than commercial calls so putting more of your budget into marketing to residents makes more sense.

This data can help you allocate your marketing budget to the best opportunities available to your pest control business and ensure needless spending is not occurring.

These are just a few quick ways you can use the Google Ads platform to improve and tighten up your pest control marketing and budget.

Need more help? A lead generation company or marketing firm can take on these steps for you and help you understand pest control marketing better.