How to Close Out The Year in Pest Control Marketing

By Chris Keenan on November 1, 2019

Quarter Four is upon us again in pest control marketing and for pest control businesses it is an important time of the year. This is the time when efforts in pest marketing need to be evaluated for a head start into the new year.

Waiting until after Quarter Four may force you to make haisty decisions in marketing but taking the last (and colder) part of the pest control year may be a slower and great time to assess changes in advertising, budget, and marketing for the new year.

Here are some places you want to look at in your pest marketing evaluations:

Evaluate Your Analytics

Analytics will show you what you need to know about your pest marketing efforts. You can see if people are being sent to your website through a social media ad, Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc. This can give you an idea of where to put more of your marketing money in the new year.

Beyond just where the site visitors are coming from, you can also see how and where they are interacting with your website, allowing you to focus on low or no-cost changes to your website such as copy, placement, etc. to provide a seamless browsing experience that ends in a conversion.

Adjust Your Paid Ads

Once you look at your analytics from your website such as on Google Analytics, you will want to also look at the analytics given for your ads. These can be found on any platform, such as Facebook, Google Ads, and Bing.

You will be able to see what was paid per ad click, what ads got more impressions, clicks, and conversions, and how customers interacted with the ads.

Seeing this can allow you to pause (not delete) ads that are not performing as well and create an ad you feel may convert better in it’s place. When you pause, do not just end there but assess the “why” in why it may not have worked. Part of the process is to make your own analysis on why one ad worked better than another and continue to perfect that type of ad wriitng.

Do Keyword Research

Ads and websites need keywords–and relevant ones at that. As you see what keywords site visitors looked for to populate your ad, your are given an idea of words and phrases to include in your ads, marketing material, and website landing pages.

This offers such as deep look at what are your customers pain-points, what pests need treatment in your area, and how you can better serve your target audience by what they are searching for.

An example may be your see a lot of ads for commercial pest control. You currently had plans to offer commercial pest control in the new year but did not have any tangible evidence there was a need. Seeing this pop up multiple times over a calendar year (along with other research) can be a great way to figure out if there is a local need.

Look at The Dollar and Cents

It would make no sense to keep your budget at $500/month for Facebook Ads when the bulk are coming from Google Ads. Allocating new amounts based on analytical data is important to place your money in the best possible sources for marketing distribution.

You will want to decide what efforts have been converting and what efforts have not. Non-converting efforts do not mean a failure, you just need to meet your target pest control audience where they are which may not be on each platform you have chosen to market to.

Knowing where your money is best being spent in pest marketing is key to marketing success. Any budget needs to be looked at and using the above, coupled with a look at the balance sheets, can be a great way to create a thoughtful circuit in your marketing review at the end of each year.