How To Build a Solid Social Media Presence for Pest Marketing

By Chris Keenan on September 30, 2019

Social media may seem like it does not make sense for a pest control company to take part in. After all, creepy crawlies may not be the best promotional material.

That could not be farther from the truth and having a social presence even in industries that seem like they would not fit the social media mold is imperative to your marketing efforts.

Think of social media as another extention of your website or a funnel to lead individuals back to your page.

Here are a few ways to build a solid social presence online for your pest control business:

Lead Customers To Social Pages

Email blasts, newsletters, and all other direct-to-customer type marketing should always have social media links attached. This allows customers to not only just visit your website but also see how you interact with customers, respond to both praise–or criticism, and offer a different look at your company.

When you create an email, placing your social pages below your email signature or a call-to-action to “follow” or “like” a page is a great way to grow your audience and following.

Update Social Pages Regularly

Pest control operations may feel lilke they would not have anything to post on social media but there is always an interest for followers–especially long-time customers or potential new customers scanning social media.

You may want to share live-releases or humane trapping to show your customers that you care for the animals and want them to be safe. You may also want to post interesting or timely facts for pests that are in-season.

There are different ways to engage your customers and place yourself as a thought-leader in the industry on social media.

Interact with Customers

The best way to show how your pest business operates online is to interact with customers on your social feeds. If a customer reaches out via a comment on Facebook, take the time to reply. If you receive a review, both good or bad, it is imperative that you also reply and offer to have a discussion or simply thank the customer for the review.

Companies that care about customersr will take the time to interact and having social media and these interactions can help show current and potential customers that you are interested in feedback, comments, and even constructive criticisms.

Social media does not need to feel like it does not fit in the pest control world. Taking the time to understand customers, see what platforms they are using most, and creating an up-to-date but sustainable social media posting schedule can help your business reach others and offers another location for individuals to gather details on your pest control business.