Four Website Considerations for Pest Control Businesses

By Chris Keenan on November 9, 2019

Your website as a pest control business is a major driver into converting browsing individuals into customers. If their website experience is not great, they will easily jump onto the next website of a local competitor. When looking at your website and how it stacks up against the competition, you need to consider different aspects of the website. Below are four considerations you can look into today:

Individual Pages for Pests

Are your pests all on one page or separated onto different pages. Best practices would have all pests on their own separate page. If you think like a customer, you know a customer is calling for a specific pest, not every pest. Having too many pests on one page will not allow them to understand how you treat a specific pest.

Eliminate a bulk page by creating pest specific sub-pages which can help with SEO and also allow the customer to have a streamlined experience.

Testimonials of Past Customers

Having visible and accessible customer reviews is a great way to create some buzz around the great work you provide at your pest control business.

Having reviews available on social media, search engine profiles, as well as websites allow a full overview of what all your customers have to say without having to search in too many places to find it.

Testimonials are what will allow individuals to trust you with any pest control work they need to make them visible and clearly available on your website.

A Visible Call-to-Action and Contact Information

A customer goes to your website but has no idea of how to contact you. Without a clear contact page or contact information available in multiple locations, they will grow frustrated and jump to the next pest control business.

Having a clear contact page as a menu item is a great place to allow people to get in touch. Additional locations for contact information can be in the header and footer of your website.

Mobile-Friendly Capabilities

People are using their phones to search, especially if they need to do so while on a bus or while they are at their seat at work. Pest control is not different and people need answers quickly.

If your website is not mobile-optimized, people will have trouble navigating on a phone and therefore just move onto the next competitor you may have in your area. Also, mobile-friendly website are more favored in search engine results, affecting your SEO.

These are a few quick ways in which you can create a better experience for your customers. If you are unsure how to start working on your website for better marketing opportunities, consider working with a marketing firm or lead generation company.