Four Ways To Potentially Spend Less Money On Paid Pest Advertising

By Chris Keenan on September 16, 2019

Paid advertising is just that–paying to advertise. While you do have to put money down, you may not always have to put the same amount down. Hopefully, over time, you will be paying less for advertising as you move forward with your pest control business.

Below are a few ways in which to leverage marketing material and potentially reduce costs.

Create Insightful Content

Content is a free way to provide quality information to your pest control consumers while also using it as marketing material.

A blog, video, or social media post can help drive customers off a website and onto their phones if you are placing yourself out there with important and helpful content that entices them to call.

This may be a slower approach as search engine optimization takes time and diligence but the payoff can be great.

Write Quality Ads

On Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing) you need to create ads. It isn’t enough to write ads, you want to make sure they are quality in terms of content.

If you just write an ad and it goes to a webpage that does not include a word in your ad or is highly irrelevant, you will be penalized. This can actually cost you more money.

On the otherhand, if you create an ad with content that relates to the landing page created with the ads, you can save money and receive a better quality score.

A/B Test Your Ads

You may have created an ad like the ones suggested in the above tip but over time it may not consistently continue to do well.

Competition and other factors may come into play and a once great ad may not do so well. Also, platforms change over time so what worked a year ago may not work now.

A/B testing is always key to success and keeps ads fresh. You want to ensure your ads provide the most up-to-date details and also allow you to constantly see what is resonating with customers and what isn’t anymore.

Use Analytical Data

Analytics such as Google Analytics should always be used in unison with paid advertising because you are provided the buyers journey with paid advertising and can see how a customer reacts once on your website.

Perhaps, you see a large bounce rate on your website once a customer clicks an ads and arrives. You may not have enough information or an enticing promotion to keep customers from jumping to a competitors website.

You may also see certain webpages or pests people never look for and you can adjust your budget towards more popular pest webpages and paid campaigns.

Using analytics can help save money in the long run by providing you with the details of how customers are using your webpage and for what pests.

These steps can help with some quick changes to make sure your website and paid advertising is spending money well. If this still seems like tasks you are not comfortable with, calling a lead generation company or pest control marketing professional can help you begin the process.