Why You Should Always Check In On Your Paid Marketing Clients

By Chris Keenan on November 2, 2017

As a small business, especially in marketing, you will see clients come and go–but hopefully, more often than not, they stay.

When working with clients paid marketing, you will want to make sure all is set-up correctly initially for your clients. The service area is correct (if they provided services), all ads are tailored to their specific product or service, and that the budgets, negative keywords, and all other components are 100% correct.

Now what?

Well, some clients may just have a standard set-up and are pretty consistent with their needs for paid marketing on Google Adwords, but does that mean you just let their accounts sit and check in every so often? The short answer is no–unless otherwise stated by the client.

Below are some reasons why regularly scheduled check-ins and account analysis with clients are key to growth.

Area of service has expanded

If you client is service-based, then perhaps they can expand their services to increase reach and also help you as well as the marketers for revenue purposes.

Without checking in, you may not know that they had agreed to increase their service area or already have. If they haven’t yet, you could bring data to the table to convince them to expand a bit more to help their brand exposure and also help both yourself and them increase their conversions by increasing their service area.

For product-based companies, the same still applies if they realize they may have more sales if they increase their ads showing to new locations–whether they are brick-and-mortar or online-based.

They have added new products or services

Perhaps, the company has added new products or services that could create new streams of revenue. Having a check-in will ensure you are the one making the first move in keeping up-to-date with product and service changes and being able to create ads in a timely fashion.

Any missed product or service may be the difference in added revenue and lost revenue so making regular account check-in’s and updates based on the client’s suggestion can keep your Google Adwords account fresh and continuously growing for added conversions.

Contract negotiations

Google Ads is not a stagnant platform and items such as cost-per-click, cost-per-conversion, and other factors may change over time. A once non-competitive keyword is now costing you as the marketing team more per-click and therefore you will need to renegotiate cost factors, on both ends.

If you pay, then you may want to increase your lead costs and if the client pays then keeping them updated on increasing costs may be a good way to keep their prices lower while discussing changes such as increased bidding on certain keywords and cutting back on others, among many other suggestions you could make.

Ultimately, if you are not checking in on accounts and updating your clients, a word that was once $5.00 per click could be $8.00 per click and those extra three dollars may not be worth it to you or your client.

Increases client and customer rapport

At the end of the day, just taking the time to get in touch with clients gives your marketing efforts a personal touch and can go a long way.

The ability to offer an account analysis on a regular basis or an agreed upon time frame, with the goal of keeping costs low for both and performance high is a great way to increase the client’s confidence in your work–and may also lead to referrals as well.

Making it a point to keep all clients aware of their marketing without them having to consistently reach out is a great way to keep your costs and their costs low while keeping their trust in your at a high point.