Why Social Media Should Be An Extension Of Your Pest Control Marketing Strategy

By Chris Keenan on July 31, 2018

Paid marketing is a great place for pest control businesses to get a leg up in their business, reach their clients, and increase sales through Google Ads, Bing, and other platforms. But, social media can also be a great way to extend this paid marketing strategy, and even do a lot of the promotion for free or at a low-cost, if done correctly.

Below are some reasons why, as a pest control business, you may want to consider creating social accounts for your customers to reach you.

Social media is a place to share your expertise as a pest control thought-leader

Have a blog? Want to share a video of one of your pest technicians humanely setting free a raccoon? Share it on social media! Social media is a place where your expertise can be shared with your customers and interested followers.

As a pest controller, you want to place yourself as an expert, especially when you have multiple pest control operations in your locale. A social media platform to share this information can be another great avenue for potential and existing customers to check your business out and think “These people know what they are talking about when it comes to pests,” and may choose you over the competition.

Social media can allow your customers to see your company from a human-standpoint instead of solely a business

An extension from the above statement of being a thought-leader can carry over to your business looking more “personal” when social media is done correctly. Social media can be a great place to share a client story, share an employees birthday shout out, or just share a picture of the pest control businesses office dog.

The point being is that social media can be the more relaxed, albeit still professional, extension of your paid marketing or website. You can ask for follower feedback and even get a casual conversation going about a funny pest story.

Utilizing social media can give your pest control operation a more personal approach and make current and potential customers feel more at ease with your business knowing a person is behind the social media instead of a robot.

Social media is a great place to place promotions as an extension of paid marketing tactics

Paid marketing is, well, paid. But, you can utilize social media as an extension of your paid marketing on Google to be able to promote at a low-to-no-cost approach.

Creating promotional material such as posts and graphics can be a great way to promote a free inspection or percent off of your pest control service. You are now covering your promotion across multiple platforms and getting the word out to potential and current pest control customers in a cost-effective way.

Social media allows you to connect on more than one location–while all connecting back to your website

As stated above, you can use your social media platforms as a way to collectively put all information about your business out there. Each social platform should lead customers back to your website, whether through the given URL link for websites, via blog, or through a social posts or video.

If available, collecting pest reviews on your social platforms can be a great way to allow for another place to put five-star reviews to get customers off the social media pages and onto your website or picking up the phone to call your pest control business.

Social media is everywhere and even pest control operations can benefit from being on social platforms for their business.

Not sure about how to start your social media accounts? Getting in touch with paid pest marketing experts can get you an understanding of how to best promote your pest control business to reach your target audience.