Why Being An Expert In Your Field Complements Paid Marketing

By Chris Keenan on November 9, 2017

Being an expert in your field should be a goal of yours as a small business owner. If you are a consignment shop, then you want people to know you have the best knowledge of clothes, proper pricing, and how to get it sold. If you are a pest control company, then you want your customers to know that you are the best when it comes to pest elimination and control.

But, how does this play into paid marketing tactics and complements the process? Well, whenever you are an expert in your field and hold that distinction over the competition, it gives you an added edge when people see your ad instead of someone else’s. No longer is only your ad the draw that brings people to you and it may add more clicks and conversions without having to lead the horse to water AND making it drink.

Below are some explanations on how positioning yourself as an expert can help your paid marketing tactics pay off more:

“Expert” status gives you leverage of the competition

If you had two companies lined up next to each other, but one really tried to make their mark as an expert in the field, then more likely than not, most people would go with that company–based on that factor alone.

What do we mean by being an expert in the field? We mean a company that places themselves at the forefront of the newest and best technologies for quality work, a company that shares their knowledge with their customers to ensure the work done stays done, and that places themselves as available, be it online on social media or via phone, to answer all their customers concerns.

If you, as a company, try to run your business as stated above, it will put you in a better light and one where people will trust you with their need for your services or products. It will also give you that added seal of approval that you did not have to pay extra for on Google Adwords.

Your organic brand helps your paid brand keep cost low

When you mark yourself as an expert in the field, it may come with some added benefits organically which can complement your paid tactics.

For one, if you are interacting with your field, writing guest posts and gathering links, then your domain authority (DA) may be higher. This will give Google an incentive to lower your costs on the paid marketing end because they view you are a trustworthy website and business.

Another why your organic brand helps is by already gathering people to come to your website without them having to see your ad first. This will allow your organic brand to take on the role of being there for repeat customers or those already familiar with your brand and your paid marketing being secondary to gaining new customers that may not have heard of your company, just yet.

You have more availability for different streams of content

When you are an expert in your field, you are not in need of funneling a lot of your money into one location and can be on more platforms because of what you know and having to spend less time on your paid marketing.

An example could be if you are a hair salon and you provide hair tutorials on Youtube as an added stream of information–and because you want to assert yourself as an expert in your field. This, along with paid marketing, can be a great mix of paid marketing and organic clout that will land individuals on your website and have them wanting to use your products or services.

Another way is to guest blog, a way to get exposure on another platform while offering your expertise.

When you have a balanced focus on both paid marketing and any organic following you can create, it can allow you to focus on other free avenues to continue to create a stream of business from.

Being an expert in your field has many positive outcomes both monetarily and simply business wise. Taking the time to create a business reflecting that status will have a long-term payoff and will help you create a balanced focus on both your paid marketing and also organic marketing as well.