Why Annual Readjustments to Paid Marketing Can Help Your Pest Control Business

By Chris Keenan on August 16, 2018

Marketing plans sometimes feel like they take a lot of time to create a comprehensive look at your pest operations and pest control marketing efforts. Why change something after you spent so much time creating the framework?

Well, if you want expanded growth in your pest control business, then making small but meaningful adjustments to the marketing regularly can really make a difference year-to-year in your pest businesses efforts and potentially increase your return-on-investment as you stay updated and on top of your marketing efforts.

You are updating your marketing to reflect an up-to-date approach to your business

You want to make sure your marketing efforts reflect your business. If you are marketing old information or not keeping your marketing efforts in line with what your current offerings are for your pest control operations you may be missing out on profitability.

An example may be you are still using old advertising for a special you may have had a while ago that is still on-going. This is great, but people may have already seen this ad multiple times. You may want to mix up the way the advertising comes across to make it fresh.

Also, if you have re-branded your business in any way, it is good to keep your marketing reflective of anything from a new logo or font-style to a new slogan.

A regularly updated marketing plan can help keep your pest control operations marketing up-to-date with new trends

Paid pest marketing, organic pest marketing, and social media pest marketing are rapidly changing. What may have worked for your pest control business last year may be an older approach and new technology or marketing strategies have since come out.

Looking over what you have done in the past, in unison with new approaches, can help you see where you should focus on your pest control marketing efforts. You may also find a new app, new spreadsheet, or other piece of material has come out that will automate or make marketing simpler for you this year, adding more time you can focus elsewhere in the pest control business.

You are able to see on a more regular basis what works and what doesn’t in marketing

When you are sticking with the same marketing plan for your pest control business year after year, you may be keeping to the tried-and-true approach of marketing or don’t fix what isn’t broken approach. But, while this allows you to keep consistent, it also doesn’t allow you to try to expand even more with your marketing.

You take a chance of a success in pest control marketing or failure in pest marketing when you test things out, but an A/B test in marketing is just a way to gauge what may work when you want to expand your marketing efforts and can be a safe and effective way to see what your customers are thinking and reacting to. Stay the same will get you results, but may not net you more results in terms of revenue and marketing success.

You should not be afraid to take a regular look at your marketing efforts for your pest control business and see how your pest control marketing is adding up in terms of return-on-investment. Success and failure are a part of any business and failure is not truly failure if you correct course and keep moving forward.

Not sure how to approach a marketing plan, reaching out to a knowledgeable marketing firm or lead generation company can help let professionals do the marketing and research for you.