Why An Organized Website Helps Paid and Organic Marketing

By Chris Keenan on October 5, 2017

With most people using the internet to research companies and their products and services, it is critical to have a quality pest website on hand. What makes a great site beyond having the proper information on-site? Well, having the data organized can be the next step to creating the best web experience and getting new customers.

Websites cannot be vague and neither can ad copy or website copy. If you are too vague, then you are hurting your chances of gaining new customers, so organizing your website for all products and services to have their own pages and own keywords are key. Below are some reasons why you should take the time to organize your website:

Creates Organized Sub-pages for optimization purposes

You want to be as micro as possible when it comes to organizing your website to fit the needs of your customers. Depending on your sector, you might want to separate the web pages into smaller web pages for specific pests if you are a pest controller or separate by clothing piece if you are a fashion designer selling clothes.

The more micro you can get, then the more relevant your ads can be when it comes to paid marketing. If you create ads and send them all to the homepage, then your quality score will go down because, most likely, your homepage will not include the relevant keywords listed in the ads or keyword targeting. Making a specific place for each service you provide and product you offer will deliver the best outcomes with marketing–and also make the browsing experience more enjoyable for your customers.

Allows keyword research to get down to the individual web pages

If you have an organized web page that has gone as micro as possible with products and services, then it will be easier to do keyword research for each page and each ad to the corresponding page as well.

If you are offering pest control for ants, then making an ant web page can allow you to research keywords relating to ants that people are most likely searching for and incorporate on both the ad copy and web page copy.

The same applies if you are a florist and each web page has a specific flower you sell, then you can find keywords regarding that flower so that your ads and web pages have relevant and specific information regarding that one type of flower instead of about all flowers.

Introduces a way to interlink pages to each other

Keeping everything organized can allow for ways to quickly see where two web pages can come together. If you are a pest controller and cover flying insects such as bees, wasps, and hornets, then perhaps creating their own pages, while also linking to each other can be an easy way to create unique content for each, while also understanding their similarities.

This concept can apply to anything, including if you have a blog on your page in which you can link content regarding a specific product or service to that specific product or service page.

Links within a website can also benefit when it comes to search engine optimization, so you are benefiting both your paid and organic marketing plans.

A website that gives each specific product or services its own page is a well-thought-out website. This type of deep-dive research and implementation will help with both paid marketing and organic marketing, so make sure to organize your site for both your sake and your customer’s web experience.