Why A Paid Marketer Should Be On Your 2019 Hiring List

By Chris Keenan on December 21, 2017

Your small business may have seen great amounts of growth organically through-out the year. Even with great organic growth, you may be considering how to take that growth and expand even more through paid advertising.

While, technically, anyone can sign up for Google Ads paid advertising, is it worth signing up and paying money if you are unsure how it works? This may be a time when you begin to consider hiring a paid marketer or marketing firm to help you with your paid marketing.

It may seem like you are spending money twice, both on the marketer and the marketing, but you are ensuring the work is completed on a professional level and that your Adwords paid marketing accounts are set up specifically for your business.

Below are some reasons why hiring a paid marketer in 2018 is a smart and lucrative idea:

Paid marketers can give individualized attention to paid marketing

If you are focused on different types of marketing such as print, organic and paid, it is hard to keep a focus on just one. You are also running your small business, whether you are a pest controller, local hardware store, or fashion boutique, and may not have time to give everything 100% of the attention it needs to succeed.

Having a paid marketer to focus on your paid marketing on Google Ads or other platforms can allow you to rest-assured that analytics are being looked at, ad campaigns are being created and updated, and bidding is being observed so that your money is being well-spent and that you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

Marketers can offer insight of the changing paid marketing platform

You may have created a paid marketing campaign in the past or plan to create one in the new year, but paid marketing, like all other marketing, is constantly changing.

Google Ads has slowly been rolling out a new interface which creates a completely new user-experience which may be a learning curve for someone who is just taking this on as a side-project, of sorts. Having a paid marketer to keep up-to-date with paid marketing and constant changes to the platforms is a smart idea and money well-spent. If you have a campaign running but have no idea about updates or how to use a new-interface then you might be spending money erroneously.

Paid marketers can create sophisticated and data-rich marketing campaigns

The most beneficial reason to hire a professional marketer is simply that they have the acquired knowledge to create very sophisticated paid marketing campaigns on Google Ads and other platforms that are very deep with analytics and insights.

Many people can easily put together an Google Ads campaign and put in some keywords and create a budget, but paid marketers have the knowledge to create very specific campaigns tailored to your company based on industry knowledge and analytical data on your business sector and other information.

Running a small business takes time and so does marketing and the balance between the two can be hard. It is better to spend your money in a smart fashion by handing over the job to a paid marketer or marketing firm who can use the money wisely and create an ad campaign for your paid marketing efforts.

Has the knowledge and insight to adjust based on needs