When Should You Outsource Your Pest Control Marketing?

By Chris Keenan on June 1, 2018

Marketing is a part of any business but for pest controllers, both large and small, it is a huge part of how you receive your business. While pests are inevitable, there are different companies to choose from and you want your local customers to choose you. Marketing can be anything from a current special you are having to the pests you treat and promotion of these treatments. While it may seem like doing your own marketing will save you money, it may not if not done correctly. Here are some instances when it may be best to leave pest control marketing to professional pest marketers:

When You Are A One-Man Pest Control Operation

Let’s face it, you can only do so much yourself, marketing included. When you are a one or even two-man operation, you need to put your focus on other areas of the business such as accounting and the pest control, itself.

Now, the counter-arguement could be that without marketing, you would not be in business because who would know you are a pest control operation? But, let’s just assume people know you and you have other focuses. Outsourcing a marketing specialist can allow you to focus on the parts of the business that as a pest control business owner, you need to have in order from clerical to bookkeeping.

When You Need to Focus on The Pest Control Business

Busy pest seasons, mechanical issues with your pest vehicle or even just ordering more supplies are what you need to focus on as a pest controller. Marketing, while important, is not something you need to take on alone. Plus, marketing is constantly changing and evolving which is something, as a pest controller, you may not have time to keep up with.

Having a marketing firm or specialist to be the one to keep up with your marketing and general changes in online marketing as well can lift the burden off of yourself and let you put your mind to the inner-workings of the pest control business.

When You Feel Your Pest Marketing Is Not The Best It Can Be

Are you putting effort into marketing and not seeing much of a return? Perhaps, it’s not because the company is not good, but that the marketing is not being done to reflect your target audience and demographic. You might not be placing your ads in front of the right people during the right time of day or may be wasting money with marketing campaigns that are not put together in a way that can get you a great ROI.

Outsourcing your marketing can allow a professional to really dig into your company from the basics of when you have someone answering a phone to the proper wording used for ads online and offline that will get the phone ringing and people using your services. Having someone with a skill set to bring all your sources of online and offline presence into one conhesive branding and marketing experience will save you money, time, and give you the needed results.

When You Do Not Understand Pest Marketing and Need Some Help

The flipside of the above situation is the pest controller who simply does not understand marketing. While marketing campaigns are not a set deal and not every marketing campaign works out, you do not want to start trying to market your company if you are unsure how to. It may be able to be fixed, but the time needed to fix a marketing campaign that started because of lack of knowledge could have simply went towards passing the torch to a marketing specialist who knows pest control marketing and how to reach customers properly.

Once you understand what needs to be done to promote your pest control business to the right audience with the budget you have available, it is best to get on the phone with a marketing company who will be able to focus on your pest control marketing efforts, getting people calling about their pest control problems, and taking the burden off of yourself so that you can focus on treating the pests and running the inner workings of the business.