What Types of Lead Generation Can Help Pest Controllers

By Chris Keenan on November 19, 2018

Lead generation is the key to marketing success for pest controllers. Your leads are what drive you to people interested in your business.

The key is to have a great lead to customer ratio. If you are having trouble gathering leads or even keeping leads interested, then you may need to check into how your marketing looks to those who see it.

Below are different types of lead generation tips for pest control businesses.


Organic Lead Generation

Leads online can be found in a multitude of ways and some you do not need to pay for. Creating your own blog to be a thought-leader in your industry or guest blogging can place yourself in front of potential customers who want to know they are working with a professional.

Social media can also be looked at as organic lead generation because most times you are not paying to play for marketing and just placing yourself out there as a business through a well put together business page promoting your business, specials, and expertise.

You can also find success through newer mediums such as podcasts and vlogs. Sometimes, a video of you speaking or showing how you treat certain pests or live releases for humane pest control can be a great way to generate leads without much money being placed down.

Paid Lead Generation

Paid lead generation can seem daunting, especially if you do not understand the paid platforms such as Google Ads and Bing Ads. This is a definitive pay to play situation in lead generation but the results can be rather positive if put together properly.

You need to be able to set up quality ads leading back to a website or landing page of equal relevance. You also need to ensure both the ads and website are cohesive and easy to understand and navigate.

Beyond those steps, paid lead generation for pest control businesses requires research. If you are offering $40 off and your neighboring competition is offering $50 off, then you may need to adjust to stay competitive and attract the leads you are paying money to potentially acquire online.

This seems like a lot of work but the interfaces allow you to do the adjusting and competitive research in one spot to be able to create quality ads to grab quality leads.


Think of what used to happen to collect leads prior to the internet. Do you remember money mailers (which still exist), signing up for a mailing list from a company directly, or even filling out a card for someone to take the time to call you back.

These instances, as well as other old school lead generation tactics such as local sponsorships with your name and logo attached or showing up at a trade show or event as great old-school ways to generate leads.

Some may argue that digital lead generation is more convienent (and it is) but also taking the time to place yourself within your local community and go old-school with the outreach approach can feel more sincere.

Lead generation can seem very tricky but in reality you just need to figure out how you want to attract leads and become an expert in how to do so. If you are still stumped, it is wise to get on the phone with a lead generation company to help take that part of your business operations off your hands and complete it in a professional manner.