What Goes Into Paid Marketing Research For Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on January 11, 2018

You may be considering hiring a pest control marketer for your pest control operations, but may be confused as to what goes into the work.

Potentially, you may feel like you can do the work yourself but for the best quality work, you would want to hire a professional paid internet marketer for your pest control business. Paid marketing is not just the simple set up of an Adwords campaign and adding a credit card, but instead involves a lot of different moving parts.

For those pest controllers still on the fence about whether or not they need a paid internet marketer for their pest control businesses online marketing, here are some of the ways paid internet marketers ensure you get great quality pest control leads:

Keyword Research

Paid internet marketers ensure the ads they set up provide quality content and link directly to the proper page. Not only does this require research on their part for the best keywords for the ads, but internet marketers will also take information from keyword research and optimize your website as well.

Having ads with the same keyword content as your website is a great way to increase your quality score for ads and rank better on Google search.

A/B Testing of Ads

While it may seem smart to create a small batch of ads and just put them out to the public, it is better to have multiple ad campaigns running to see what gets a better click-through rate.

This means, taking generally the same ad but switching one key component. This could be having an ad that says Free Inspection and another that says Same Day Service. Paid internet marketers will read the analytics to see which performs better and then base their next generation of ads off of this information.

Creating Proper Demographic Coverage

You know where you offer your pest services too and giving that information to a paid internet marketer can allow them to create ads that are targeted to specific areas, demographics, times of day, and many other factors.

If you know you get most of your business during the hours of 10 am -1 pm, then a paid internet marketer can open the throttle for more of your budget spent during these times.

If there is an area within your service area that never provides quality leads, your internet marketer can ensure no ads will be shown to computers within that specific area.

Internet marketers can address your suggestions in as macro or micro a way.

Ultimately, while paid internet marketing may seem like an easy task to just set and forget. You should invest the time and money into finding a paid internet marketer or marketing firm to drive the specific traffic you want to your websites. It may seem like money you do not want to spend up-front, but getting a massive increase in your ROI will pay for itself in no time when you hire a professional paid internet marketer to promote your pest control business.