Local Search Website Optimization for Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on May 11, 2017

Our blog series has covered different ideas on how pest control businesses can optimize their online presence to help with their local search rankings.

As a refresher, unlike search rankings on Google that are macro, local search ranking factors come into play when you want to target people in your immediate location. There are ways in which you can be the pest control company that comes up when a person in your area searches on Google for your businesses.

MOZ recently came out with an article discussing the best practices for local search rankings and the top three were, Link Building, Google My Business, and website optimization.

We now are going to place our focus on the last factor, website optimization and how as a pest control company, you can ensure your business will come up locally when searched so you are targeting those in your service area.

Website Description

When you make a website, you have the ability to write the description of your website. When you are a small pest control company, you are not going to be able to place highly on search engines for phrases like “pest control company” or “pest controller,” because the heavy-hitter national companies have already taken those spots up. Fortunately, you should be focusing on local search engines so those words would not apply to your situation.

Instead, make your website description include the town or metro area in which you are located in. Instead of “Pest Control Company,” use a phrase such as “Local Miami Pest Control Company.” This way search engines can see where you are located and help you place within the local search rankings accordingly.s

Webpage Content

Beyond your website description, you should also make sure each page of your pest control website has content that relates to your location. Having an About Us page, Services page, Contact page and any other subsequent page regarding your business is a great opportunity to continuously use phrases to match your location.

Make sure to change up the way your phrase them because Miami Pest Control Business and Pest Control Business in Miami are two different phrases and count as two separate entities even though they are saying the exact same thing. Find as many ways to put these key phrases into your web pages and it will help local search be able to rank you in the right location and have the right people seeing your ads.


We have technically touched on keywords in the two above statements, but where else can you place keywords within a website? Well, you could start a blog or produce other free material for your customers that can be found on your website. A weekly blog featuring different subjects in pest control is a great opportunity to tailor it to your local area and fit local key phrases into your blog on your website. Also producing quarterly reports about pests found in your area can also be an interesting and informative way to optimize your website to help local search rank your page.


Reviews can be vague and may not help, or they can actually be a wealth of local search information. Having customers write thorough reviews on their service can help local search rank you as long as the customers are descriptive in the location and other information. Having a review along with a Google My Business account can work together to help create the best opportunity for local search ranking. Google My Business provides the location information once you fill out your business profile and descriptive reviews only help promote where your location is even more to local search engines. Ensuring you are gathering updated reviews on a regular basis helps Google build trust in your company and will help rank you higher.

Website optimization, along with Google My Business and Link Building are the top three ways in which pest control companies can help build their local search reputation and ranking. While there are many other factors, these were our main focus in this series of local search for pest control businesses.