Ways To Leverage The Internet For Your Pest Control Business

By Chris Keenan on June 14, 2018

The internet is a wonderful place to get your pest control business out there to your customers. Whether you are a new and small company or a growing middle-stage company, the internet may be your best place to grab the most customer interest and growth. But, how do you accomplish this and how can you leverage different parts of the internet to gather more customers? Below are some ideas on how to leverage the internet with content and knowledge from your own pest control operations:

Create great (and relevant content) On your website

Relevant content is a vague term because it is different from industry to industry. For pest control, relevant content may be as simple as creating individual pest pages explaining each pest you treat and basic information about the pest itself and how you treat.

Relevant content can also be in the form of a blog in which you can create shareable content that you can post on other platforms or optimize for SEO (search engine optimization) which will help you within the realm of online searches.

Use Social Media

Social media is readily available and while pest control businesses may not see their type of industry fitting within all the pictures of beaches and delicious food, there is still a place for pest control operations to live and succeed within social media.

Leveraging different platforms can help from asking questions and reaching out to customers via Twitter who may have a question, Using Facebook to gain extra reviews and also a grey check mark or badge to prove you are the owner of your business, or using Youtube to show your humane treatment of animals and live-releases to animal sanctuaries (if that is how your pest business operates).

There is absolutely a place for every type of business on social media if you can find the ways in which you can utilize each platforms top capabilities in the pest control operations realm.

Make Your Website Search-Friendly

The internet has made having a business and hosting a website super easy and effective. But, how can you leverage your website in a way to gain traffic and convert? A great way to do so is creating a website that is very search-friendly.

What do we mean by this? Having individual pages for your pests you treat is one great way to organize so that potential customers can go straight to information they need. This also means separating pages for a blog or creating a landing page for a promotion. This also helps because you can optimize these pages for SEO on their own to share on social media and can use your keyword research and optimization to then create more relevant content such as a new blog post.

Having a website that can be navigated by your target customers–and Google–can potentially help you rank better within the search engines.

Add Your Own Businesses Personality

So you have a website, create relevant content for the pests you treat, and share on other platforms, what else can you do to set yourself apart and succeed?

You can add your own bits of personality to your website. Part of why customers may choose one pest controller over another comes down to the personal bits of your company. Maybe you have a company dog who hangs at the office or you are a three-generation local family-owned pest control. Let people know this information to create a more personalized experience.

Being unique or genuine are two great ways to leverage even the best marketing plan because it shows you are upfront about your pest control operations and these personal and unique bits about your company can even help you stand out.

Still not sure how to leverage different avenues in marketing to succeed on the internet with your pest control business? Reaching out to a pest marketer can help you find ways to work through paid and organic tactics to help get your pest control operations noticed and create a sustainable marketing plan.