Ways To Improve Your Adwords Rankings in Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on July 6, 2017

You may be a pest control business that knows enough about marketing to realize that having an Google Ads campaign can help get your business off the ground and seen by people in your coverage area.

Although you have the account set up and have done the basics, there may be a bit more you are missing to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to your advertising budget.

Simple fixes that require no extra money may be able to yield some better results for your pest control company.

Below are quick changes you can make to ensure your money is going towards promoting your business without spending anything that shouldn’t be spent.

Keyword research & negative keywords

Targeting the right keywords, as compared to the wrong, keywords can help get your ads in front of the right people and save you money. Some keywords are just too expensive or too vague to place for, so you want to make sure you use long-tail keywords in your keyword targeting.

What are long-tail keywords? They are keywords that are a bit more specific while still being searched enough to place on Google Search. An example of a long-tail keyword may be “Encino Pest Control” because simply placing for Pest Control is unlikely, but specifying it can help you place.

Beyond the keywords, you want to target are keywords you do not want to target. As a pest control company, you may be treating Spiders, but not “Spider Veins,” so ensuring certain phrases are placed in your Negative Keyword list can save you from spending money on clicks not having to do with your pest control operation.

Ad links and keyword connection

Each of your ads, beyond Call Only ads, will require a link to a website of yours. You want to ensure that the link you attach to that ad will then take you to a page that is relevant to the ads. Simple tactics could be making sure that keywords mentioned in the ads are also on the web page that is linked. This not only shows Google that your ads are quality ads related to the website but also you can get rewarded for this with cheap cost-per-click prices.

Creating different ads campaigns linking to different pages is a great way to keep organized and ensure the right keywords and ads are associated with the right web pages can help you out.


There are different types of additions to your Google Ads ads you can place. There are Sitelinks, Callout Links, and Call Links, for example. Sitelinks help bulk your ad up but showing the URL the ad links to while also showing other pages such as About Us, Pest Control Treatments, or Review subpages underneath. Callout Links are simple phrases you want to put out such as “Free Inspection” or “Same Day Service,” to help your pest control business stand out. Lastly, Call Links simply place your phone number out there and can help people easily reach you without having to look for your number.

These small additions can entice someone who may be on the fence regarding you as a pest controller as compared to another business.

Google Analytics

When operating on Adwords, you are given a bunch of analytics of their own to work with, but it does not give you the whole picture of who is looking at your pages, where they are looking from and for how long.

Linking your Google Ads account with Google Analytics offers great insight into who is looking at your pages and how you can create your ads to be placed in front of the right demographic.

Google Analytics can give you the information needed to properly target the location of where your ads show up, what type of schedule you should put your ads on based on when people are searching, and a general idea of what is getting their attention based on your ads.

There are many other ways to improve the quality of your Google Ads account which can get you better search rankings and ultimately save your pest control company money.