Three Ways To Work on SEO in Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on January 28, 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always changing in the world of online marketing. As a pest control business, it is a low-cost way to continue to grow your audience. While SEO tends to have a slower process, the rewards tend to be more withstanding over time.

If you are scratching your head about the concept, you are not alone, as it tends to be a bit confusing for business owners in any industry. If you believe you want to tackle SEO for your pest control business, below are good starting points for SEO:

Find Publications For Your Expertise

Have some important things to share and say in pest control? While a blog (see below) can be a great way to speak to your audience about pest control knowledge, you also may want to have others place your expertise on their page as well. This not only gives you a boost in SEO but also a badge of approval from followers of the publication in which you got a guest post placed in. You now have that audience as well as your own looking at your work and knowledge in pest control.

Work With Other Local Businesses–Both Online and Offline

Sponsorships and in-person events are a great way to work on SEO. While in-person may not have an SEO focus, you may still receive a link to your website based on your attendance to the event. If you sponsor, you may also receive your link and logo in unison on a page. Beyond SEO, placing your name and logo also provides tangible marketing collateral for your pest operations as well, a win/win in pest control marketing.

Create Thoughtful Content in Pest Control

Whether this is a blog on your pest control website, a video (vlog) series about how you humanely release pests and wildlife, or even a pest-centered podcast you decided to create, these are all ways to spread your knowledge and pest control business outward to your local area and even more macro to present yourself as a thought-leader in your industry.

These are just a few starting points pest control operations can take when starting to increase SEO or even begin it for the first time. There are a multitude of other approaches for search engine optimization not listed. If you are still in need of extra help or expertise, reaching out to a lead generation company or marketing firm is a good next step in building your pest marketing.