Three Ways To Utilize Existing Content For Your Digital Pest Marketing

By Chris Keenan on March 21, 2019

Content is a very important part of pest control business operations. Whether the content exists at website copy, a blog, or other forms within your website, there is no shortage of ways to implement it into your pest marketing tactics.

Now, you may run into a point when you feel you no longer can think of new ways to utilize existing content but luckily, there are a multitude of ways to do so. Below are three ways to use your existing content and repurpose it without having to stress over new content:

Utilize in Social Media Campaigns

If your pest control business is on social media, you can use existing content easily within your posts and even plan out entire social campaigns around it.

Perhaps, you wrote a compelling blog pest regarding humane releases in pest control. You may want to consider taking small snippets of the blog and creating individual social media posts to cover one blog post over multiple social media posts.

You did not have to come up with new content to formulate a new social media campaign for customers to interact with and ask questions which saves times.

Create Video Content

Video content is very big right now in the marketing strategy world. With Youtube, Instagram video, Facebook Live, and other platforms for video content, it is easier than ever to create a video based on existing content and create new marketing material.

Creating a video about a blog you created or developing video content to explain different pests you treat in which the information already exists on your website are two ways to utilize already written content and create it into a new and sharable form of video.

Re-Vamp and Update Existing Content

When you hit a wall with content, you may start to panic but in reality, you already have content that needs to be updated on your page.

If you have a pest control blog, you may want to go back to an old article and update with new information based on how many years back you may have wrote it. This also can help with your search engine optimization as you are showing the search engines that you are improving content, adding new data, and wiping the digital dust off of old content instead of it just sitting there.

These are just a few ways to use your existing content and create new pieces of content instead of having to research entire topics. This saves time and money for many pest controllers.

If you are still stumped on your digital marketing strategy and repurposing content, it may be smart to enlist the help of a lead generation company or marketing firm.