Three Ways To Improve Your Website Content in Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on April 24, 2019

Websites for pest control businesses should be constantly evolving. New content can be added but also updating and re-purposing old content is also a great way to keep your website updated and in favorable standings in the search engines.

Below are three ways to improve your pest control business’s website content efficiently.

Gather Updated Pest Information

Every so often, you may find out new information about a pest you treat. You may also begin treating a new species of pest as well.

This would be a great time to create updated information regarding each pest you treat. Perhaps, you learn that a new species of Beetle has come into the area as an invasive species–creating a new website page would help with new content for your pest offerings.

This allows people seeking pest information to gather the newest and up-to-date information you have as pest specialists about the pests on or around their property.

Use Keyword Research

Keyword research is not a one-time occurence when you build out your website. What may have been a quality keyword a year ago may no longer has the same traffic. On the flipside, keywords that did not place well a year ago could now be placing better within the search engines.

Looking into your website and seeing both pages that are gathering a lot of good analytics about website traffic as well as pages that are lacking is a great way to find areas of improvement when it comes to keywords.

You may need to re-write some content but it will be worthwhile if that content is of quality and can help get new customers calling your pest control business.

Update Your Pest Content

Beyond just keyword research and additions of new pests, it is a good idea to make simple updates be a part of your pest marketing efforts.

Whether updating means the above or creating a blog you reguarly update and share with your customers online, all of these efforts are viewed favorably on search engines who want to see new or updated content.

Beyond just creating new content, reusing old content and giving it new life is seen a positive online, which could be anything from adding new information to tagging a link (both inner and outer) to a blog to help add additional quality to the content you are updating.

These are just three ways to update your pest control website’s content for favorable results online. While websites can be static, it is always a smart idea to provide your pest control customers with the most up-to-date content you have to offer them.