Three Reasons To Outsource Your Paid Marketing & Lead Generation

By Chris Keenan on February 25, 2019

You have a pest control business and may have dabbled in marketing and lead generation. What you did may have worked but you want to do more.

How do you balance the inner-workings of a pest business and still balance the time needed to create solid pest lead generation or pest marketing? One word: outsource.

Outsourcing, while another business expenditure, could net you even more profits than previously, allowing you to outsource the marketing while still making a profit.

Below are some reasons why outsourcing your marketing may be a great idea for your pest control operation:

Outsourcing can help you understand pest marketing better

Having a lead generation company or marketing firm working with you to create leads and marketing for your pest business is a great time to learn.

Open communication is key between the companies you work with and your own pest business, so routine calls can also be optimal times for you to ask questions and work collaboratively on strategies.

In turn, you may be able to pick up some key phrasing mentioned from marketers or begin to understand metrics a little better.

Outsourcing presents the ability for targeted marketing to be created for your pest business

Let’s be honest, you are probably not focusing as much as your marketing as your should be. That’s perfectly okay!

Outsourcing allows a group of professional individuals to take your needs and goals into account and mix them with the knowledge to create and implement marketing and funnels to direct pest customers your way.

They can analyze and tweak an ad if it is underperforming or can address key issues with a certain keywords metrics and adjust accordingly.

These small but important pieces of lead generation and marketing may be an underserved part of your business but outsourcing can give them the attention they need.

Outsourcing allows you to free up time for other business endeavors

As stated above, your marketing may not be what you are focused on as a business owner. Or, perhaps you are trying to balance marketing into all your other business needs and falling short.

Either way, the most basic reason why outsourcing may be needed is to simply free up your time as a pest control business to focus on other aspects such as human resources, bookkeeping, or on-boarding for new technicians.

Marketing and lead generation need to be running in the background but it does not need to be you trying to balance different tasks. Having a professional firm drive those leads and create solid paid marketing campaigns can be just what you need to open up your day to other important pieces of your business.