Take The Time For Keyword Research in Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on July 27, 2017

Who knew words could pack such a punch on your website? You sometimes just think that someone quickly typed out a quick blurb about your business and that’s it.

Well, maybe for some businesses who quickly slapped together a website, but for those companies that want to do well on search engines and provide a quality experience for those who visit their website, they keyword research.

Doing keyword research is really not that difficult, but requires that you know specifically what and who you want to target.

For pest controllers, words such as pest control and exterminator are great, but you also want to dig deeper to get as specific as possible to ensure your pest business website is seen by those most likely to use your pest control services.

Below are reasons why taking the time for keyword research is key:

Keyword research keeps you focused

Sitting down and taking your main keywords as a pest control business and creating micro versions of each to hone in on your specific audience will keep your page focused.

Adding the cities you service to the keyword research, specific pests you do service, and simply your main topics of pest control and extermination all together will keep your page focused.

Having each pest and service allocated to its own page can also allow your keyword research to be organized from the research end, all the way to the placement on your website.

Keyword research weeds out unlikely customers

If all you are doing is placing the words pest control, pest control service, or any vague phrase, you may be doing yourself a major disservice. While paid marketing can allow you to target your ads to specific areas, organic marketing relies heavily on your website and what is on it.

If you are a pest control service in Austin, making sure to name Austin on each page and even go more micro than that with neighborhoods within the city will allow your page to be optimized so that when someone types “pest controller in Austin,” then yours will hopefully be a search result.

Keyword research can be rewarding in paid marketing

Paid marketing relies on quality websites and quality ads. If you are doing keyword research for your website on the organic end, then you can carry that over to the paid end with some benefits. Making sure each page is optimized to the keywords you want such as specific pest pages along with the area you cover, you then will be able to carry this over to paid marketing with better results.

Google, for example, wants to see the keywords you have in your ads also on your page. If you took the time to research and implement these keywords, then Google will see your ad as a quality ad and reward you with a discount on your pay-per-click cost.

Having irrelevant or vague keywords will either only keep your pay-per-click costs at the average cost or you may even be penalized if the ads and website are so irrelevant with keywords and pay more.

The moral of the story is, taking the time to properly do keyword research and deep dive into the many variations of each keyword you want to place for can help your pest control operations website and paid marketing campaigns run smoothly and efficiently.