Simple Ways To Improve Pest Control Website For Search Rankings

By Chris Keenan on June 15, 2017

We have discussed website optimization at a marketing level, but there is also ways you–as a pest control business–can do small things to your website to make it more friendly for search engines.

Not everything you do needs to be deeply involved in SEO, but the results you put in can have positive effects on your SEO.

These ideas should be done as first steps to your online marketing overhaul to give a starting point on how your website will perform with a few added changes.

As a pest control company, you need your website to be at its best to get the Google positioning you need and also get the customers on your page and quickly picking up the phone to call you.

Below are quick ways to begin to improve SEO:

Re-write your pages

Do your pages look cluttered? Have run-on sentences? Have too much unnecessary information? These might be good first steps in revamping your website.

Rule of thumb is that if you can cut a paragraph short in two or three sentences because the thought has ended, then do so. Sometimes, it is okay to have longer sentences as long as it is needed to flow the statement better.

Beyond breaking up the pages with paragraphs, adding graphics in-between paragraphs can help break up the wording and add another layer to your website. If you are talking about ant control, then add a couple of ant photos to break up the words.

Make sure contact information is above and below the fold

What does above the fold mean? Basically, it just means the point in your website before you have to begin to scroll. You are supposed to have your most important contact information here, so definitely add your main means of contact up at the top portion of your page.

Likewise, if people are quickly looking for pest control, they may want to read a bit first and scroll to the bottom of the page to find any and all information they can find before making the call. Placing your phone number at the bottom ensures they will catch at whether they call right away or research a bit.

An added tactic could be allowing your phone number to appear on most pages, so no matter where they are looking they can find the contact information. Do it in a way that doesn’t feel spammy though, that is also key.

Add badges of honor or distinctions on your page

Are you BBB A+ rated? Do you have some type of certification in pest control? Add these to your page. Just like any other award, it is nice to show it off to people.

If you have been awarded some type of business or pest controller distinction and you aren’t displaying it, you are doing yourself and your website a disservice. Adding these badges can help by visually giving your pest control company a list of excellence to help you stand apart.

For SEO, added the visuals and including alt text (the text you put in to describe a graphic online) can help place your website along with the award key phrases to help people searching for pest controllers to see you are both a pest control company and a reputable one as well.

These are just starting points to get your website ready for a bigger SEO overhaul, but doing this first steps can help you–or a marketing firm get your website ready to be found more prevalently online.