Setting Up Shop As a Pest Control Business

By Chris Keenan on March 30, 2017

If you have ever wanted to become a pest control technician or create your own pest control company, you know that it takes a few–well, many–steps. Some may look at the steps and say “I don’t have the time or means,” but this should not deter you. Below is a very brief overview of the steps needed to ensure your pest control company is ready to go:

The Necessary Paperwork

Beyond your vision and marketing plan, you will need to get the basics set-up before you even want to move forward to any other parts of the process. This includes getting a license to run a pest control business, insurance, products and equipment and a means of transportation.

Some pest control companies who are one-man operations will need to make sure all paperwork is in order, but then the decision can be made as to what vehicle would be used, how much equipment is needed and the amount of chemicals and products to start with because they will just need to focus on one person completing all the work.

An operation including a few technicians will require more overhead for transportation as well as any products and needed equipment for multiple workers, so it is best to create a running budget of all costs to ensure the start-up process will be completed without any financial or legal snags.

Here is an example of licensing and certification for Florida pest control businesses (, but check your state’s database for state specific information.

The Location

You will want to have the location of your company as the next step in your business process. Some may opt to keep overhead low and operate out of their home if they are a one-man pest control business. You can even get away with working from your home and have your technicians keep a vehicle at their location to be called to a client.

If you opt to lease out a location for your business, it is best to ensure it is in a centralized location to your service area, the building fits the codes needed to house specific pest control chemicals, and that your budget allows for this.

Many pest control operations begin out of home to ensure their budget is placed into the products, legal paperwork, and equipment–but if your budget allows for a business location, it doesn’t hurt to separate your pest control business from your home.

The Branding

Branding for your company is the first step is making yourself different from the competition. Branding includes a consistent username across social platforms (if possible), a set color scheme you want all your pieces of marketing to include, a logo, a website which includes key phrases, your tagline, or any other brand-specific information.

Many new businesses start with marketing and then move to branding, which can be a detriment to your company. You cannot expect people to know your pest control business by one logo, and then change it because you weren’t completely set on your branding. This is a crucial first step so that people will be able to associate your pest control company from others in your area or national brands.

The Marketing

Once you are set on your brand, paperwork is set and your location is decided on and you’re ready to actually begin working on marketing your business. This is where you have to decide what approach you will take.

Some pest control businesses like the old-fashioned way of marketing such as trade shows, money mailers with a coupon, flyers, and billboards. These are a great way to get the word out to those in your service area and are not too costly depending on how much tangible marketing material you need.

Online marketing is where many pest control businesses have gravitated to now because it is neat, less paperwork and everything is in one place. Google Adwords has made it so pest control workers can get as micro or macro as they need to reach the customers they need. Social media platforms have also expanded how pest control workers reach their customers as well through paid and organic posts.

Luckily, new pest control businesses can set a smaller budget to see how many clicks and what type of interaction people have with their company. This can allow them to adjust their marketing campaigns online without spending a lot on marketing material that may or may not attract customers.

This is a very generic look at the steps needed to start a pest control business, but it is meant to show that if you have the means, the ideas, and the passion, that you can begin your pest control business fairly quickly and efficiently.