SEO Best Practices for Pest Control Companies

By Chris Keenan on January 5, 2017

A couple of years ago, some would have scratched their head at search engine optimization or SEO. While the term seemed foreign, it actually was the up-and-coming approach for small businesses–including pest control.

While the extent of how much SEO you should use varies from business to business depending on their needs, there is definitely a need within all businesses and pest control companies can benefit greatly from the practice.

Below are some SEO best practices to get your pest control company noticed:

Keyword Research

The best thing you can do for your pest control company is to make sure you do research for the keywords that will give you the best return. You can use Adwords Keyword Planner to type in phrases you expect your customers to be searching for and find ones that will gain the most viewership.

Note: while it makes sense to look at the most popular keywords, realistically, checking out medium popularity keywords may benefit your SEO efforts more. Medium popularity keywords offer both visibility without the extra competition.

Website Planning

Taking the idea of keyword research to the next step is creating your website to accompany your keywords. Originally, it was believed that “keyword stuffing” or putting your keywords as often as possible on your pages would give the best results, but that myth has been debunked. Google and other search engines are looking for quality content in which your keyword flows naturally through the sentences of the page instead of trying to make it appear as often as possible.

An example of this being put into practice is your pest control company offers cockroach control. After keyword planning, you find that most customers are searching for ?cockroach control? ?cockroach pest control? and ?cockroach extermination.? You now need to take these three phrases and make your page dedicated to cockroaches have these phrases within it, while still flowing effortlessly as to avoid keyword stuffing.

Link Building

What is meant by a link? A link is a connection between your website and another company’s website. As a pest control business, you may want to create a blog regarding different parts of the industry which can allow you to link to other quality websites and also opens the door for another business to write a blog about you and add a quality link to your page as well. The more quality links, the more Google sees your company as a reputable business and will move up the ranks and give you more domain authority (DA).

An easy way to accomplish link building beyond personal networking is to find websites that offer the service for you. MyBlogU is a website where other businesses can post a need for quotes, interviews, etc. where they will link your quote or statement to your page and you can also do the same on your end to constantly find link building opportunities without the need to constantly network.

Mobile Enabled

While mobile enabling will not necessarily move you up the ranks the way the others above would, it is also an important factor of SEO. Without a mobile enabled website, you will easily lose out on customers as many are now searching on their phones the moment they have a question or need a solution.

All of the above work will not mean anything if customers are coming to a non-mobile enabled website and quickly leaving for a competitors page.

While these are some of the first steps you can make for SEO best practices, there are many others that can make your pest control business move up the ranks on Google and other search engines.