Why Same Day Service May Help Your Pest Control Company

By Chris Keenan on March 2, 2017

Many different businesses that respond to customers needs tend to offer same day service. Obviously, a fireman is not going to show up more than 24 hours later–let alone more than 24 minutes laters.

The same idea goes for pest control companies as well who are here to help immediately get a pest situation under control, whether it be bed bug extermination or getting a groundhog out of your garage.

The question still stands as to whether a pest control company should strive to have their company become one that can guarantee same day service, or still simply offer prompt service which could range from that day to the next day?

Here are some reasons why you may want to consider migrating to same day service.

Less of a backlog

Offering prompt service means that you will have less of a backlog of customers to reach. If you ultimately offer them same day then you can get through more customers. Now, unless you have 24-hour service, after a certain point of the day your customer will have to wait until the next day, but ensuring all calls before a certain time get answered that day makes it easier to move onto new customers.

More clients in one day

Being able to meet the needs of all clients who need you that day can allow you to reach more customers in a day. As long as the service is professional and thorough, this can only help grow your client base by being able to take care of more customers within the period of a day.

Less time for the customer to change their mind

Offering prompt service lasting longer than 24 hours between the call and appointment gives more time for the customer to change their mind or move onto another company. You obviously want to keep your customers, so being able to be there the same day they called makes it easier for them to stick with your company.

Can differentiate you from the competition

If you live in a town with only one or two rivaling companies, and you are the one offering same day service then you already have an advantage over them. Same day service is becoming more popular but is by no means the standard across all companies, so being able to offer it is still a feather in your cap.

How to make the switch?

Now, smaller pest control companies may not have the power currently to make that many calls, but there are a few ways to be able to offer same day service without breaking the bank.

  1. Hire one or two pest control technicians.They can even be per diem for when you need them most instead of full-time, just to handle the few extra calls.
  2. Extend your hours. This may not always be an option for the self-employed who also want to have a work life and home life, but for those with the availability, offering later hours could help you make your operation a same day one.
  3. Outsource your calls to a virtual assistant. If you want to keep track of your calls, be out on the road and run the show, you may want to outsource a virtual assistant to take the calls, forward the information to you and keep it logged. This means more time on the road getting to customers and less time being both the technician and administrative assistant.

Not being able to offer same day service is by no means a nail in your pest control businesses coffin, but the shifting trend can definitely help you stay at the forefront of the industry. It is key to look over your revenue as a pest control business and see if hiring new technicians to offer Same Day Service fits your business needs and abilities.