How to Promote Your Pest Control Business

By Chris Keenan on December 29, 2016

One of the biggest hurdles to step over when opening a pest control company is figuring out whether you can stand out within your business market. There are over 12,000 pest control companies in the United States based on findings by

What this means is that you cannot just open up and expect to simply find customers because you are up against the corporations such as Terminix and Orkin as well as small companies that are already established. There are ways to develop yourself prior to opening and once opened that can help you stand out among the competition.

Here are four ways to promote your pest control business to gain exposure and new customers:

Network, Network, Network

Networking needs to be done during any stage of the small business process. Finding potential customers prior to opening up allows you to already develop a customer base, but continued networking can always ensure you are consistently reaching out to your service area and reaching new people who may have otherwise not known you existed.

Perhaps, you set up a tent at a local event or even show up to a local chamber of commerce meeting to show your face and introduce yourself to those local to your pest control business. These are a few ways to network as a pest control business just starting out.

Luckily, there will always be pests out there and a need to have them exterminated so there will always be potential customers out there that may not already be loyal to another company.

Create An Online Platform for Business

Many customers go online first when looking for a reputable business. With technology the way it is, geo-tracking can triangulate where the customer is from and locate local businesses. What you can do is offer different platforms in which a customer can look you up when looking for a local business this way. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are big right now, even for industries such a pest control as they offer visuals, reviews, and many other important factors a customer looks at when choosing a company to do business with.

Having a professional website as well as consistent new content will allow your business to look reputable and current with the needs of new and existing customers, no matter how long you’ve been in business.

Gather Customer Referrals Early On

Referrals can be one of the most beneficial ways to gain new customers as people will always trust the opinions of those they care about. This is why it is always great to consistently provide great service whether you have been open for a month or ten years.

Sometimes, the first few referrals can be hard to get with any young business, so offering a referral program or discount may be a great way to develop a rapport with existing customers who then will refer their friends and family to you to build a customer base.

Find an Untapped Niche

This is something that can be done during the research and business plan process of your small business. Look at the competition and see what customers are looking for and what they offer. Customers in your area may need humane prairie dog removal, but no company offers it. Through brainstorming, researching and planning ahead, you may be able to offer this unique service that no other company has thought of yet and be ahead of the game, even if you are the new company on the block.

You will be known for this one specific niche and even if others follow suit, you were still the first and most established in this area of expertise.

These are only a few ideas of ways to have a leg up when starting out, but these can be some of the most important pieces in surviving the one and five-year humps in the small business world.