Pest Control Marketing in 2019

By Chris Keenan on December 28, 2017

Another year means another chance to take a look at your current marketing and see where you can improve for the next year.

Whether you are doing the marketing yourself or are working with a paid marketer or marketing firm, it is a good idea to go over some main points you should be focusing on when it comes to paid marketing. The reality is, in paid marketing, even small changes can make a difference in your exposure and how much you ultimately pay for marketing.

Here is a good start for 2019 and where your focuses should be for paid marketing:

Still, put focus on keywords

Keywords will always play a role in how your pest control website is viewed by search engines and carries over to paid marketing with relevant ads. Making sure your websites have the keywords in which you will also include in your ads is key to higher quality ads which can lower your cost-per-click.

As always, please avoid keyword stuffing just to fit keywords into your website in mass quantity. Instead, use Google Ads new Keyword Planner to get an idea of the best keywords you can use for each pest page you have and write ads to complement your pest control website.

Optimize your website

Taking a look at your website and how you can improve it can be a great way to start 2019. This does not need spending a fortune for a completely new look but instead looking for simple ways to keep your pages optimized for search engines.

Creating separate pages for each pest you service is always a great start, creating compelling and keyword-rich content that should be around 500 words per page is also a way to get a better ranking with your pages.

Also, key into smaller details such as metadata for your pages, URL permalinks being optimized, and website loading speed which will be the determining factors of your Google ranking.

A/B test through-out the year with different ad copy

It’s not enough to have just one form of ad copy but to have multiple different forms of ad copy for your ads. If you offer Same Day Service but also offer 24/7 Emergency Service, create two ads that reflect each of these and see which is a bigger selling point.

Having a clear idea of what your customers are looking for from your pest control business will allow you to put your resources towards what they are looking for and ads are a clear way of getting that data.

Keep an eye on trends in pest control

This may be the one portion you may not have complete control over based on offerings and abilities, but if you are able to, key into trends in pest control.

What we mean by trends are current new offerings such as “green” pest control or even something as simple as an invasive species new to your area that needs to be addressed. Anything new can be a trend if enough people are searching for it. Therefore, if they are searching and you can offer the service, then you should be advertising this service–which includes keyword research, new ad copy, and website optimization for this new pest offering.

If you are not comfortable doing the paid marketing efforts of your pest control company, then it is best to hire a marketer or marketing firm to help you out with the above-stated changes. Paid marketing really comes down to how much you put into it, not necessarily money, but time and effort.