Why Your Pest Control Company Should Create a Marketing Plan

By Chris Keenan on May 18, 2017

We have recently covered a series of different marketing tactics to help pest control companies serve well on local searches. While this information can be helpful, the real question may be “Why is this important?”

It may seem far off for pest control companies to believe that the operations and pest control itself are just one piece of the puzzle and that having a well thought out marketing plan also can lead to success in your pest control business.

You could be stellar at controlling pests, have great customer relationships, but if not of that is one display on the web, then no one beyond your local word-of-mouth customers will know. People move, other companies move in with better deals, so you need to keep an updated profile online to keep your pest control business readily available for all to see.

How does one do this? Well, with a marketing plan of course. Below are some reasons as to why having a marketing plan can ultimately help your pest control company fair better than those pest controllers without one.

Marketing Drives Business

Needless to say, pest control companies that market themselves online (and offline) tend to see better sales than does who don’t. Why might this be? Simply put, like any business, if you do not see ads for it then you won’t know it exists.

Marketing in the simplest form puts your business in front of potential customers and without it those customers will go to another pest control company who does invest in marketing. Although we have two eyes, we are not always looking at signs for local businesses or if you pest control company does not have a business office then no one may know your company is available to control their pest situations.

Marketing Helps You Stand Out

If you are a marketer, you know how important marketing can be for your company, but if you are not you may not see the benefits of putting out extra money from your budget for marketing.

Pest control companies may not find a need for marketing, whether it be on Google Search, social media or even printed marketing on placemats and billboards, but these will definitely set you apart if you are a local pest control company.

Yes, the big-name pest controllers have their own marketing team, but as a local pest control company you may be the only one who has a marketing plan set in place and that could help capture potential customers and make your pest control business the one that stands out and reigns supreme in your community because you are ensuring your company falls right in front of those who are searching for you locally.

Marketing Keeps Your Pest Control Company Focused

You might not realize it but having a marketing plan for your pest control company can keep you organized and focused. Both the business end and your finances can be controlled by your marketing plan.

Having a marketing plan helps show how much money needs to be allotted to your marketing tactics and will help accordingly. When you know how much you will need for your marketing and have an idea of what the ROI typically is, you will make smarter decisions than when you just throw money at whatever type of marketing you think may work. You might hit the jackpot with some type of marketing attempt or you may simply throw away money if it doesn’t work. Keeping organized and creating a marketing plan will help keep your pest control company focused on what DOES work and skip on what HASN’T worked.

Marketing Saves You Money Over Time

Who would have thought that putting money out can actually help net you more money if you put together an effective marketing plan? It sounds counterintuitive that letting go of money will bring back more money, but it really shouldn’t be that surprising.

Putting ads online, through social media and other channels will help place you in front of those searching for you. If you had three people searching for you without marketing, but now have twenty then over time you will have a better ROI for multiple reasons. One reason is you reached more people which in turn gave you more customers. The second reason is the long-term effects, but if you market yourself well and stay true to those standards, then your twenty original customers will tell their friends and for that money you put out for paid marketing, you are now getting free word-of-mouth marketing through satisfied customers.

The chain of events definitely leads to a pipeline of new potential customers if you market yourself correctly in the beginning and uphold your companies standards.

A marketing plan should not be a daunting through for any pest control company and taking the time to write even the most basic plan could save you money and put you on the right track to finding and retaining new customers in your local area.