Pest Control Busy Season and How To Manage Your Marketing

By Chris Keenan on May 17, 2018

For most pest control companies, once May hits the calls regarding pests start to pick up. The warm weather encourages a lot of pesky creatures to come out of thw woodwork and into your lawns, homes, and cause pest problems and pest infestations.

While the main focus is getting your pest technicians out the door and to your customers homes, you should also be preparing for a very important season in terms of pest control marketing. Busy season is when you are going to get the bulk of your marketing data due to the large influx of returning customers and new customers.

This is the time when you can see what marketing promotions work, what does not, how to reconstruct a marketing plan that fell flat, and your demographics from your service area.

Taking the time to really dig into this data, use old data, create new marketing tactics, and collect is key for continued success in pest control marketing. Below are some quick steps to start off your busy pest season on the best foot in pest marketing:

Utilize Old Marketing Data

Last years data is still valuable now. Google Ads and Google Analytics will be able to show you how last years busy season was and help you prepare for the new season that is about to occur.

Look at the data, see what days, times, and other factors led to your best sales and conversions. This may give you a leg up in running your pest promotions, deciding on an advertising schedule, and see how people interact with your website and advertisements so you can get the best return on your pest control marketing investments.

Get Organized (Both Digitally and Offline)

Make sure that your Google Ads, Bing, Google Analytics, and other analytics pages are all well-organized. Also, take the time to get any other marketing information such as billboards, mail-outs, and other more old-school forms of marketing organized as well.

You don’t want to spend your time trying to rummage through the data because it was not organized correctly.

Quick tips could be creating an organized Ads campaign, making your website very organized by offering an individual pest per page, and creating different tabs in Google Analytics to organize specific data you want to access quickly instead of having all information under one tab.

Being organized with all data can help you sit down and create new marketing plans for the year without having to become flustered trying to find and understand last year’s information.

Offer Marketing Promotions You Can Keep Up With

Look at your old analytical data and see what ads and promotions worked best for you last year. Did you offer a certain amount off? Free inspections? 24/7 emergency pest service? Whatever was your best seller last year, can you do it again this year?

Seeing what worked can be a great starting point to offer again this year. Just make sure you are able to hold up the promotion and it will not put you in the red instead of putting you in the black.

Ensure You Are Collecting New Data

The biggest step you can take during busy season is to ensure you are collecting the data you need to gather updated information from this years busy pest season. If you are not collecting data from Google Ads, Analytics, and other platforms, then you are setting yourself up to have no clear data at the end of the season to work with and alter for new marketing promotions.

Managing your data, organizing, and utilizing the data is all key to starting your busy season off on a high note. You can only learn from past marketing so continuously collecting information means you will always be adapting to your pest control business’s needs.

These are just a few quick first steps to make sure that your pest marketing gets utilized and examined to the best of your ability. While slow seasons may be the easiest time to look at data, you are not getting the amount of information you are getting during busy season. If you feel this is a bit beyond what your time allows, running a pest control business, then reaching out to a pest control marketing agency can allow you to still gather the data but with a new set of eyes analyzing it for you and your pest operations.