Pest Control Best Practices For Working With a Marketing Team

By Chris Keenan on June 8, 2017

We recently spoke about how it may be a wise move to hire a marketing firm to help you with your organic and paid marketing as a pest control company.

If you do decide to move onto this next step, have found a marketing company that you work well with, and are ready to compile the best ways to market your business, then you are ready to put these actionable marketing tactics to great use.

Now, there are some best practices that can make it much easier for both you and the marketing company you are working with. This is not to say the marketing firm does not have their own best practices to hold up to, but that can be for another blog.

Below are some ways to make the lines of communication between your pest control company and the marketing firm clear and concise to create the best plan possible for your personal pest control company.

Explain your marketing intentions right away

If you are trying to get more customers calling you, or want to get customers to your website to see what you offer, these need to be stated pretty clearly from the start. Each item you want to be accomplished requires a specific type of marketing tactic to get them there.

Getting more calls might require an Adwords campaign with Call Only campaigns to get more phones calls and wanting more people reaching your website may require ads to be made or even social media marketing to come into play with a Learn More button below the ad directed to your website.

It’s hard to think that one simple request may have a completely different marketing approach than another that does the same thing–reach customers–but it really comes down to being as specific as possible from the start.

State your budget and be firm

This helps both yourself and the marketing firm stay on task and also offers the marketing firm a realistic look at what you need and what your budget is. Ultimately, if your budget falls below a marketing firm’s asking price, then they may walk away, but it does not mean you will not find a good match to meet your needs and budget at another marketing company.

Setting a budget can allow the marketing firm to work with your numbers to accomplish your goal within parameters you set and also without having them work a longer amount than they are being paid for–which can be appreciated on both ends.

If you start asking for more marketing, then be aware you will be charged more if it goes beyond the original scope of work. Be smart, rework the budget if you are seeing positive results because it may help to put more money out to get more money in through marketing.

Get involved in the marketing process and learn

This may make little sense, as you hired these marketers to help you because you had no time, but even jumping in to see their process, what they are working on and give occasional input can help create marketing material that you love and reflects your pest control business.

If you remain unavailable or inattentive to the work and it is handed back to you and is not exactly what you wanted, then you are wasting both your time and the company’s time when checking in may have been the difference between something you 100% loved and something you 80% loved. Also, learning can help so that you can be a more active part of the process and understand what they are saying so it does not sound so foreign.

These are basic steps you can take to make the business relationship between your pest control company and the marketers working with you a solid one. You hired them to do the work, but they want to ensure it reflects your company as best as possible and sometimes getting your hands a little dirty in marketing work will help create some really great marketing material.