New Ads Functions For Pest Control Companies

By Chris Keenan on November 19, 2018

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) offers a robust platform for businesses looking to involve themselves in paid marketing. While it may sound like a hassle to work with paid marketing when you are trying to run a pest control operation, paid marketing may be the best way to reach some of your new clients.

Luckily, Google rolled out an entire new platform which still serves the same purpose but with the user experience focused on. The new UX provides more easily manageable processes and pages for businesses such as pest controllers to navigate.

Below are some of the new features to look for in Google Ads:

A New Easily Navigable Interface

Google Adwords has always been user-friendly but the new interface has made navigation even easier and more accessible for pest control operations. You are able to switch between accounts and different function by placing a phrase in a search bar.

Your overview page also has all the information you need about your top-level account information all the way down to individual account information all in one spot instead of having to click to individual pages.

More User-Friendly Advice and Set-up Help

While Adwords also had a pretty seamless set-up process, now once set-up you are given much more information on how to set up your Adwords campaigns to convert the way in which you want to.

Their smart set-up takes a lot of guessing out of the game now and offers a better understanding on what you are setting up and allows you to see how it will work with your campaigns. Although some understanding is needed to interpret the information, this at least takes the guessing out of the set-up process, so you can get a start.

Responsive Ads

Responsive ads take A/B testing of your content to a new level. Instead of having multiple ad variations, Google Adwords has made it so you can feed them multiple lines for your ad copy and they are automatically make different variations for you, allowing you to see combinations that work best.

You need to know some basics about ad writing to know the best wording, keyword research, and quality score information, but this can take a lot of the testing off of your hands and leave it to Google Adwords to see what works best.

While the platform has made it easier for many businesses, sometimes pest control operations may still need a little help and expertise with the set-up process and analyzing of metrics. Hiring an Adwords professional can take a lot of guessing out of the equation, so perhaps Quarter Four may be a good time to consider hiring a paid marketing specialist?