5 Organic Marketing Tips for Pest Control Companies

By Chris Keenan on December 9, 2016

Small businesses, such as pest control companies, need a boost, which is something paid marketing can help with–initially. You can make the right bids on Google Ads or Bing, move up the ranks, and be noticed on most search engines with a well thought out paid marketing plan. But, what about organic marketing and search engine optimization?

While organic tactics, such as search engine optimization (SEO), take a much slower approach on gaining your business traction, they are truly beneficial and can save you money in the long-run. Here is a list of different organic tactics that could pack a punch for your pest control business and help you move up the ranks with one-time fees or none at all.

Community sponsorships

Do you know a local club or group that needs sponsors? Sometimes, you can receive low-cost advertisements just by donating. Most groups will add you to their website with a link to yours (make sure the link is not a nofollow one) or share via social media which has been said to benefit organic marketing, as well. Links to your website allows search engines to find you are more trustworthy and moves you up the ranks.

Proper ad writing

While ads are part of the paid portion of marketing, they also can fall into organic as well. Your ads will show up, but how quality are they? Google Ads rates ads by their relevance to the landing page they are attached to as well as other parameters, called a quality score. If you have a bad ad, you pay more per click, but if you have a relevant ad, Google actually gives you a discount and saves you money.

Blog outreach

Most companies should have a blog because it is an easy way to keep in touch with clients and also show that you know your stuff. Blogs also have the benefit of being website boosters as well. Working with other bloggers on a guest blog, getting sponsored, or having your blog linked to other blogs can help your organic movement up the search engine ranking. The more quality links you have, the potential to move up to the first or second page increases.

Joining your local Chamber of Commerce

A quick and cost-effective way to get a quality link to your page is to join your local Chamber of Commerce. They usually add all local businesses to their website with a link back to your page. The fees are generally between $30-$50 a year and can boost your exposure and gain quality local traffic to your page, a great way to focus on local organic marketing otherwise known as local search.

Free Certifications

Although sometimes disputed, it is helpful to add that sometimes online certifications can indirectly give you an organic boost on your website. For example, HubSpot offers marketing courses–free of charge–that offer a badge to place on your website once completed. This badge offers Google a piece of code that has been stated has organic SEO effects on your page.

Again, this has been disputed, but any small business owner could benefit from a free class in marketing techniques to boost their own knowledge.

There is a multitude of other organic marketing tactics that can help boost your business rankings on search engines, but these are starting points to get you started on a well thought out organic marketing plan.