Marketing and Clients During The Holidays

By Chris Keenan on November 30, 2017

The end of the year and the holiday season can be very lucrative for marketing professionals and the clients they work with. The only way this can be a great part of the year, though, is with collaboration and working together to formulate a marketing strategy and plan that fits both the needs of the client and is formulated with the expertise of the marketing agency.

The hardest part of this time of the year is simply sitting down and figuring out the most important factors you need to create some solid marketing to work with the product or service your client offers.

For clients, it is also a great time to sit down and really talk with your marketers to not only learn a bit more of how they create the marketing for your company, but to be open to discuss and create marketing based on your own findings as a business owner in comparison to their findings with marketing analytics and data.

Below are some quick and easy ways both marketing agencies and their clients can quickly come together to formulate an amazing marketing plan for the holiday season.

Increase Business Check-ins

Perhaps you have a monthly check-in during the year to review any marketing data you may have as both the marketer or the client. For the holiday season, it may be wise to do more frequent check-in’s on both ends.

As a client, you may want to let the marketer know of a product or service that needs a little marketing boost or is going to be popular this season based on past data. As the marketing agency, you may want to check in more regularly to keep the client abreast to analytical information and what the data is telling you.

The holiday period is short so you want to make the most of the small period of time you have to bring in a great close to Quarter Four for the year and more frequent contact can definitely help.

Ensure Closures are Correct for Holidays

Marketing is great, but what if you are not in the shop or not offering services for certain days during the holidays? It is best to shut down marketing efforts when you will not be there to physically see your customers or be able to provide services due to the holiday season.

Marketers should check in with their clients for holiday closures to make sure that money is not being spent when it shouldn’t be and as clients also keeping the marketers aware of when you will and will not be offering your products or services can also save you both some time and money.

Focus In On Popular Keywords

The holiday season will give you a wealth of information regarding what people are searching for with regards to your business or your client’s company. Having a small period of time with a lot of keyword data can be great to make quick and smart decisions on where you money and time will be doing towards for the holiday’s.

Unlike the rest of the calendar year, every moment, bid, and keyword counts during this short period and you only have a few weeks to get it right, so making sure you do prior research for the holiday season can ensure website pages are optimized for search engine optimization and the correct keywords that both the marketer and client agree are the best sellers, can have the best bidding and budget.

Evaluate Services and Products for Paid Marketing

The biggest key to success during the holiday season is see where your best products and services stand within your company. As marketers, looking at analytics is key and as the client, being the front of the line person that sees what sells and what doesn’t is also added information.

Knowing these bits of information collectively can assure that you are making the wisest decisions on what you are putting money towards. It is great to work on keywords based on analytical data, but also having anecdotal evidence just as the small business owner is also valuable information and should be used in unison to create an idea of what seems to be “best-sellers” for the holiday season.

These are just a few quick steps both marketing agencies and their clients can take to ensure the holiday season runs smoothly regardless of what product or service is being sold. You want to create a team atmosphere between marketer and client to make sure the marketing plans and strategy you implement is lucrative and beneficial to the agency and client as well.