Local Business Ranking Factors For Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on April 20, 2017

You may think that online ranking factors do not play any role in your pest control company simply because that isn’t your line of work. Why should you care where you place on Google? In reality, there is a portion of ranking which deals with local search rankings or the kind of searches that appear when someone is looking for your type of work in your area.

As a pest control company, you may advertise with tangible sources like billboards, business cards and even dive into some online marketing via your social media pages, but what about the ranking that comes from searches and other sources that are somewhat beyond your control?

MOZ does a yearly article regarding what factors play a key role in local search ranking and the results for 2017 are in. MOZ has become a trusted company in the world of search engine optimization, offering anything from programs to webinars on how to better find your footing in search engine marketing. They are a valuable resource for any pest control company wanting to dig their hands into local search marketing.

Below is a look at the topic sources that drive local ranking for your pest control business and where to look for to boost your local rankings within the search engines. At the end of the day, most people will find you on there when searching to solve their pest control needs.

Link Building

As a pest control company, you may scratch your head on what link building can do for your local search factors, but it can truly boost you up the Google Search pages when someone is looking for pest control in the city you provide services for. But, how do you get links?

Quick ways to get links include starting a blog and also guest blogging elsewhere with a link back to your business website. Using links from other sites as sources and possibly having your links on their sites as well will drive your Domain Authority up, then prompting Google to reward you for having quality links to and from your page. This is a free boost and does not cost any money to create links.

Keep in mind, quality over quantity is key in link building so make sure links are directed to quality pages relating to pest control and that links are not spam links which will potentially decrease your local rankings.

Having a Google My Business Page

If you are already marketing online you may have ads up on Google, but what more can you do to drive customers to your page on a local platform? Google My Business can help create a more concise idea of what your business is, where you are located and what you do–all you have to do is sign up.

Having a correct address, adding your company’s location to Google Maps, and having all correct and updated contact information as well as what type of pest control you do can help eliminate the stress of not getting quality calls. Unlike Google Adwords searches, you can really pinpoint your location and ensure when someone types in “pest control” and you location that you will pop up, have a complete overview of what you do and where you are and allow the customer to find you in close proximity and know what exactly it is you do as a pest control business.

Website Optimization

Having a website is key, especially for pest control companies but having an optimized website puts you ahead of the game. What do we mean by optimized? We mean a website that is loaded with keywords that customers will be searching for. If you do bed bug pest control, make sure the phrase is placed within the website enough times to allow Google to see it is a relevant phrase to your business and your ads will pop up for it.

There is a difference between placing the key phrases you want to rank for on a website and keyword stuffing which Google knows the difference, you do not want to put a keyword on a page where it doesn’t make sense just to have it there, Google knows and you will be penalized.

Take the time to look at all the pest’s you service, the key phrases people are searching for when looking for your pest control service for each pest and have a designated page for each individual pest. Therefore, you can optimize each page and ensure it will be linked to the words you hope to rank for.

There are many other smaller factors that ultimately help you place better within local search rankings online. Focusing on the three above though will give you a good start on becoming a pro a local search optimization for your pest control company and you even learn a new skill in the process.

In the following blog posts we’ll be diving more into each of the above topics so be sure to check back on how to improve your local search rankings as a pest control business.