Link Building for Pest Control Companies

By Chris Keenan on April 27, 2017

Pest control companies want to do well in local online searches because without that extra boost, you may be missed when someone is looking for pest control in their area online.

You may still be doing old-school type marketing like billboards, pamphlets, and signs posted around the neighborhood, but with searches switching to online, search engine-based, you will want to learn the skills on how different local search engine tactics can truly help your pest control business thrive.

Our last blog focused on a high-level overview of the three top components, discussed by MOZ that give companies, such as pest control, the best bang for their buck when it comes to local search marketing.

We are now going to dive a bit deeper into the first component of the list which was link building and how link building can differ between regular search engine marketing and local search engine marketing.

Link Building Basics

Domain Authority is a major key in link building and growing your presence as a pest control company. In the most basic terms, Domain Authority of DA is how much Google trusts a certain website. Downloading the MOZbar from MOZ will allow you to visually see a websites DA and whether or not Google trusts it.

Now, what does this have to do with link building? Well, when you link to a website with a follow link (one that connects your pages together), you are taking a little bit of their DA authority (if they provide dofollow links) and giving it to yourself and boosting yourself up in search engines. The most quality links you have coming and going from your page, the better.

The key word is quality, you do not want a large amount of low-quality and unrelated links coming to your page which will ultimately be a detriment to any link building goals you are trying to meet. Focus on links related to your service area or primary niche–pest control.

Local Link Building

Now that you know about DA, local searches work the same and differently. You will want to formulate links to your website but you also may not want to follow the above advice. First, we will discuss ways to gain links, and then why there are reasons you may want to go against the above statement.

Ways To Gain Quality Links

There is a multitude of ways to gain links to your page. You can join the local chamber of commerce and have your website linked on that page and you can join as many chambers of commerce as long as you offer pest control in their area. The more chambers you join means the more links you will have–most at a small cost.

Another avenue is local sponsorships for groups such as little leagues, events in your area, or non-profits that will give you publicity on their website for a sponsorship or donation. You want to look at the domain authority in these instances to see if the amount you will need to pay is worth the boost. A higher DA may be worth a higher price but keep in mind of your budget. Make sure to speak with the contacts for the sponsors to ensure you get getting a follow link on their page and not simply a shoutout with no link or it will not help your local search engine presence.

Lastly, if you are an expert in pest control, you may want to reach out to other companies pages and guest blog. You can send them a blog regarding any topic in pest control and they can place it on their page with a link back to your website. Again, this is a low or no-cost tactic to get quality links coming back to your page and boost your search presence.

When You Should Ditch The Rules

Now, high DA’s really help in traditional link building, but we are speaking about local searches, so why should you potentially ditch the high DA rule in some instances. Well, with local searches you want your pest control company to show up when someone is searching in your area.

Most local businesses do not have high domain authorities because they are small businesses or clubs. You actually want to link to these groups periodically though because it triangulates your location and makes you seem relevant to that area with links from others in your service area linking to you. As long as the cost isn’t too high for low domain authority links, it is a good tactic solely for local search purposes so Google can see that if someone searches for pest control in your locale, you have many links with other companies in that area as well and they should probably show your ads.

This is just one component of a healthy local search plan to get your business noticed online by those who need it most–your neighbors.