Is Your Google My Business Account Complete?

By Chris Keenan on March 30, 2019

When you go online for pest control, you are looking for a local and reputable business. With so many online resources to find these businesses, it can get daunting going from website, to review site, to gather enough information as a customer to make a call.

If you are a pest control business, you want to make sure your Google My Business account is optimized for quick viewing and decision-making by your customer base.

Follow the below tips to ensure your Google My Business account is filled out properly and sufficiently for customers.

Is Your Phone Number Listed?

It may sound silly but you may find some Google listings without much information on how to contact a business. You should always have a phone number if that is the expected way to contact your pest business.

Even if you are a larger pest control operation, having a local number can help place you in the local area for customers as well as local search online.

Have You Attached Your Website?

It isn’t enough to just be a pest control business in the area. You also want to show customers that you treat a certain pest they are calling about and provide a website with this information as well.

Customers want to make quick decisions with pest control and do not want to spend time shopping around. If you have a website linked to your Google My Business account that offers pests treated, you are saving customers a lot of time and they may be more likely to call.

Are You Getting Reviews?

There are a multitude of review sites but when a customer is in a hurry, they want to see reviews quick.

Having reviews already on your Google My Business account can help them see right away that you are a reputable pest control business and be more willing to set up service with you.

Is Any Other Local Data Available?

Do you have a headquaters for your business or local branch? Having an address in place can help give people the sense that you are truly within their community and close by to help with their pest problems.

Google My Business offers a lot of business details in one spot. You want to capture a customer quickly and ensure they do not need to search to decide that you are the right pest controller for them.