How To Stand Out Among The Pest Control Competition

By Chris Keenan on August 31, 2018

You may find as a pest control business that you are not the only one in town. You might have local competition or be up against national pest control operations. Whichever situation you may be in, whether you are a small, mid-sized, or larger company, you can still stand out among the competition.

Having a marketing strategy and implementing both paid and organic pest marketing accordingly can help your business stand out to your local customers. Here are a few starting points to consider when it comes up staying relevant:

Observe the competition and adjust marketing accordingly:

You may offer $40 off an annual contract or free inspections, but you notice your competition is doing $45. If it is in the budget, you may want to crunch some numbers and readjust your paid pest marketing, if using Adwords or Bing, as well as your website to reflect the changes.

If you are also using mailers as well, updating the coupon to stay in competition will help you continuously keep up with others in your area. Good, friendly competition between busineses is never a bad thing.

Be involved in the community you serve as a pest controller

You may have a business in the community, but if you aren’t getting to know the customers on a neighborly basis, you may have a harder time standing out. Whether you are sponsoring an event, getting signage at a fundraiser, or simply being a part of the community, this is all at little or no cost to you.

Being a pest control company that people know the faces behind the operation can give you a competitive edge to any other pest control operations due to brand loyalty.

Receive reviews from customers of your pest operations

It may feel like a struggle to get customers to review your pest control company, but sometimes it is just the way you give them the ability to do the reviews.

Customers like convenience, but if you are doing a great job with your pest control operations, they may be more willing to write a pest control review, especially quickly after the work was done. Having a link to review right on a digital receipt or having a tablet to pay and review in on spot are great and easy ways to gather positive reviews from customers.

Be consistent with your pest control marketing

Consistency is key with any business and especially pest marketing. Make sure to review where you are marketing your business, be it on Google or social media, see what works and what does not and adjust accordingly.

Not only are you spending time, but money on your pest control marketing and you want to put your efforts in what is setting you apart in the pest control business, so don’t be afraid to alter your approach every so often.

Having a good marketing plan, both paid and organic, can help your pest control business stand out in your service area. Need a little guidance? It may be wise to do outreach to lead generation companies or a marketing firm to help solidfy your marketing efforts.