How To Optimize A Pest Marketing Website

By Chris Keenan on February 15, 2019

You may look at your pest website and realize it could use a little work. What may have been sufficient is now lacking or you aren’t seeing the same amount of traffic to your page.

While you may worry about it being something costly and a major website malfunction, it may just come down to organization, accessibility, and a little Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Below are some ways you or/and your marketing team can work together to create a more seamless experience for your pest control customers.

Organize The Web Pages For Pests

While having a page decicated to a top-level explanation of what you do and what pests your treat is great, you should have indiviudal pest pages.

This works for a multitude of reasons such as customers most likely only needing to know about one pest at a time, not all. This also works because it allows you multiple pages to explain each pest and how your company treats them, offering both knowledge and also many pages to optimize with keywords and search terms for each pest instead of all.

Consider What Information Should Be Above The Fold

Most people want to be able to navigate and get most of the details quickly. If your website requires customers to scroll to get to details about pest treatment, costs, and what pests you treat, they will most likely move on.

Knowing what to have above the fold (or the scroll line) is key. Items such as a menu up top to navigate between pests, treatments, a coupon, etc. are great ways for pest customers to navigate to where they need to go with ease and be able to navigate back and forth from details as needed–without scrolling.

Interlink Your Pest Web Pages

Interlinking web pages may sound advanced but it is as simple as dropping a link on a keyword you may use in another page. Say you do have a top-level treatment page but you name Raccoons, Skunks, and Birds on it, linking those keywords to their personal pest pages is a great way to help guide people along for information.

This also works if you bring up a coupon and link to the coupon landing page or a type of treatment you offer and leading to a page explaining the treatment. There are a multitude of ways to interlinking within your pest website.

Make Contact Information Easy and Accessible

You should have contact information above and below the fold as well as a contact page if need be. Some pest control businesses do best with contact pages, some like to answer the phone, and some have email addresses. You just need to make this information available through-out the website.

An example could be having your phone number on the top of the page and bottom so no matter where your customer ends up, this will stay there. It also helps to have it on each page, not just the homepage.