How To Market Unique Products and Services in Pest Control

By Chris Keenan on December 27, 2018

In pest control, the average person may think there is not much that goes into the job besides getting pests out of homes and businesses.

But, new products and services have surfaced over the past few years that some pest control operators now use in their daily work. Many are focused on the humane treatment of animals but some are also focused on creating the least amount of damage or distress to a home that may have pests inside.

Do you have a unique product or service that benefits homeowners or the pests they are wanting out of their home? This is actually a perfect time to market that product or service if it makes you unique in your service area.

Below are ways to market a unique pest product or service:

Explain Why Your Product or Service Is Important or Unique

Perhaps you are the only one in your area that does humane release or uses a product to see heat within a wall so you know exactly where a pest may be living. These products and services are unique in that they are humane to the animals or homeowners know you will not have to do too much work on the infrastructure to get a pest out.

These are huge marketing opportunities to show you as a pest control business do care about the people you help and animals you control.

Provide Any Data To Back Up Your Product or Service

It is great to offer the services but what about the data behind the importance/benefits of these products or services?

Taking the time to explain to your customers either on your website through a landing page or blog post about why your unique service benefits your customers or pests with data to back it up can offer a badge of confidence that you took the time to research the importance before adding this offering to your product or service line.

Provide Marketing Coverage of Your Product or Service

Have a video of a live-release? Have a photo essay of how you go about finding critters without too damage infrastructure damage to reach them? Show this to your customers.

Sometimes, it is not enough to just tell your customers about a unique product or service, but you need to show them as well.

People sometimes are adverse to now products or services without the visual aid to show them that it does work and is beneficial to all. Taking the time to create these added bits of marketing material can go a long way.

What makes a pest control business unique can be their best selling point. If you are doing something different and offering something new that will make your customers happy, then share it with them through any marketing source, be it online ads, your website, and social media.