How To Make Your Pest Control Marketing Navigable

By Chris Keenan on January 11, 2019

When people search online, most times one platform or link may not be enough to feel comfortable when it comes to hiring a company do work–especially pest control.

Many times, people will search across multiple platforms to gather ideas about your company, pests you treat, reviews, and general information about who you are as a business.

Making this easier for people is a great way to organize and link easily through different platforms.

Below are some quick tips on how and where you should be placing ways for individuals to find you.

Website Links

When you have your pest control website, you may have other forms of marketing such as a social media marketing campaign, some links to publicity (newspaper, guest posts, etc.) or other forms of links to increase your standing as a thought-leader and simply lead customers to other bits of information about you.

Making these links easily navigable such as being on the bottom or side of your web pages can help customers quickly search from website-to-website to get a feel if you are the right pest control business for them.

Social Sharing

Taking the above and flipping the idea, what if people start on social media and work backwards?

This is an opportunity to share your links from other websites or lead your customers to your website or landing page for a special. Having your main website easily found in the URL section of each platform as well as creating posts leading your customers to links, posts, or videos you may have created can get customers easily from page-to-page.

Landing Pages For Paid Ads

Beyond your websites pages, you may want to create more fluid pages such as landing pages.

What we mean by fluid pages just means pages that can be changed, updated, deleted, or created when needed as compared to your standard pest pages, contact, and about us pages that tend to stay the same on your website.

Having these landing pages as links on social media or at the bottom of a special being shared elsewhere can lead customers to your page.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a great way to get many details on your pest control business in one area. Not only can this help you place yourself within your local area by an local area code phone number, address, etc. But, it also can allow you to post links to your website, review pages, and other existing platforms that may have details on your customers experiences, specials, and just what you are about as a pest control business and how you compare to the competition.

Creating a Google My Business account can be a one-stop shop for some customers who aren’t necessarily out to gather a lot of data but just enough to get a feeling of how you operate as a pest business, others experiences, and how they can reach you.

There are a multitude of other ways you can bring people on a buyers journey through your pest control businesses online channels. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, it may be wise to speak with a lead generation company to figure out the best ways your business can specifically get placed in front of your customers.