How To Drive Traffic To Your Small Business’s Website

By Chris Keenan on December 14, 2017

One major component of marketing your small business is how are you going to get people to notice you? While there are many options, you ultimately do want to focus on quality and not quantity. What we mean by this is that being on every social channel and every type of marketing plan is quantity, but if you are not producing any quality then all your work is not worthwhile.

Instead, you want to focus on a couple of tried-and-true marketing tactics that will help drive quality traffic to your websites and help create a better return-on-investment. For 2018, which is right around the corner, focusing on the few suggestions below can help drive quality traffic to your website and get new customers to notice your products or services:

Create Compelling Content

It seems simple enough, but sometimes creating compelling content is not as easy as it sounds. What is meant by compelling content? Well, blog posts regarding your industry can be compelling or well-thought-out web pages for each of your products or services can also be compelling.

The best way to know what to write is to research what your target audience wants. Creating a buyers persona and then researching different websites that offer answers to what you want to provide as a product or service to your buyer’s persona is a great way to research what content to write.

Get Involved Off Your Website

Getting involved off your website can be as simple as showing up with a stand to your local softball tournament or setting up shop at a craft fair in town. These are simple ways to get your face as well as your product or service out to the world.

This does take time so understandably not every small business owner can make time to sit out and self-promote, but taking some of your marketing offline can help drive business to your website because they have now met you, (hopefully) like you, and want to learn more about your product or service.

Engage With Social Media

Social media can seem less than useful if you have a harder niche such as pest control or electrical work, but social media can still benefit even the difficult niches. You have to realize that you don’t need to be on every platform and pick your platform accordingly. A clothing store would benefit from Instagram and Pinterest, while our pest controller above may do best with a simpler platform such as Facebook which can spread specials, gather reviews, and be another way to disseminate information to new and old customers.

Social media is, again, quality over quantity, so being on the right platforms for your niche can then help drive customers back to your website to learn more about your business.

Paid and Organic Marketing

Needless to say, paid and organic marketing will always be the crown jewel of getting customers to your website. With platforms such as Google Ads to drive traffic to your website with ads, Google Analytics to assess the demographics and other analytics from your ad campaigns and website traffic, there is no easier way to gather both the customers and the data to understand them better in only a few platforms.

Organic marketing, such as sponsorships, your own pest control blog, guest blogging, and other ways to put your business out in to the public via internet are also ways to direct people to your website–and if you do search engine optimization properly (and with white hat tactics) you can be rewarded with low or no-cost marketing for your website.

In all, there is a multitude of ways to get people to your website. The key is to research all ways, decide on what you as a small business owner can do successfully, and go forward from there. Any type of business promotion should always focus on the quality of the promotion instead of the quantity of how many places you can place your website URL for people to see.