How To Create Marketing Campaigns Your Customers Will Engage With

By Chris Keenan on February 1, 2018

When it comes to creating a solid marketing campaign, it takes more than just creating ads and putting them out to the world. You need to truly know what you are saying and who you are trying to get in front of your ads.

Research, A/B testing, and other considerations are a very basic but integral part of any marketing campaign you may create. But, how do you properly run through the set-up to get a workable and concise marketing campaign that will attract your target audience?

Below are some quick considerations you should make and steps to take when creating a marketing campaign, no matter what business you are in.

Research Your Core Audience’s Pain Points

What kind of help does your product, service, or business hope to serve your customers with? Knowing and understanding your customer’s needs is a key part of creating a business, but even more so when creating the marketing for your business.

Going to Reddit and Quora are great ways to find specific information about what your customers are looking for. You may be creating ads you think are great but if they are driving your core audience to your website for your product or service then they remain ineffective. Make sure you know what your clients are after and creating marketing to reflect their pain points.

Write Copy and Ads They Can Relate To

The next step is writing ads your clients can relate to based on the information you received from Reddit, Quora, and other online platforms.

If your audience is within a certain demographic, then write ad copy and other marketing material reflective of what that demographic is interested in. Using famous actors or actresses from the fifties may not be a great way to entice millennials and same goes for using more modern lingo to attract baby boomers.

You need to take what you know your audience is looking for and create marketing campaigns reflective of your core audience.

Businesses tend to want to appease everyone, but there will always be a percentage who will not give your ad any consideration, so focus your efforts on creating great paid marketing for those who care about your product or service.

Update Copy and Ads As Needs Change

Your customers change, your business models changes, and you adapt. But, if you aren’t collectively adding your marketing to this procedure then you are missing out.

Google Ads and other marketing is not a set it and forget it type platform and needs to be updated regularly. Whether the change comes from a business overhaul or is as simple as re-writing under-performing ads with new copy to hopefully get a better ROI, both are equally important to keeping relevant for your customers to engage with your business.

Ask For Feedback On Marketing Material

When all else fails, why not ask your customers about what they hope to gain from your business. Whether it be a certain product, service, or piece of knowledge, knowing what they are looking for can help with marketing.

Creating a questionnaire to send out for feedback or a survey can answer questions regarding their needs, pain points, and even can get great feedback about who your target audience is and how it has changed since your business started.

It is not a hard process to create and maintain great marketing campaigns for your target audience, but it does require a little research and upkeep on your businesses part. Not sure where to start? Perhaps hiring a marketing firm or reaching out for tips is a great starting point for any business unsure of how to move forward with marketing.