How To Create and Optimize A Pest Control Blog For Marketing

By Chris Keenan on July 13, 2018

As this blog is being written, it is focused on helping pest controllers in the market to learn some new marketing skills be able to take the advice and run with it–if comfortable doing so.

Ironically, pest control business owners can also take the idea of a blog as their own pest control marketing and try and create some informational blog posts regarding pest control as an industry.

The problem comes from coming up with a way to properly market your blog endeavors because they can become fruitful if done properly.

Below are some ways to incorporate a blog into your pest control marketing efforts as a cost-free way to let customers know who you are and what you do.

Research topics from your current customers

The best way to find out what you may want to write about to inform your customer base is to ask your existing customer base. Creating a poll, asking for answers, and even offering a thank you gift in appreciation for their feedback can gather some great insight into what customers want to know and where there are gaps in the information already out there about pest control. Then, you will be able to know exactly what to write about to target your audience.

Use local terms to create familiarity and increase local search efforts

Local search is huge and your blog content is a great way to help slowly increase local search efforts in a cost-free manner. Plus, creating content focused on your local market makes the blog seem more authentic and closely related to your customer base.

An example would be, if living in Arizona, focusing on the pests that are known in the area such as scorpions and different types of spiders, for example. These are unique to the desert climate and customers will know you are tailoring content for them. Also, including local names and local coloquial terms for certain areas can also help direct local search efforts as well.

Creating complementary marketing pieces to go with blogs

It has been said that video is becoming a major part of our online experience. With that being said, incorporating a video to complement your blog can be a great double-dose of blog marketing and also free, if using platforms such as Youtube and other video hosting sites. You can create a video version of your blog, focusing in on main points.

You can also create videos your customers may be interested in such as humane, live-releases, of certain types of pests. These are unique ways to create a follow-up piece of marketing to go along with your written blog.

These are just a few ideas of how pest controllers can use the power of a blog to create important pieces of information to share to their customer bases on social media, email newsletters, and on video platforms. Blogs also create a web of ways to reuse the information in different capacities and can, at times, have a longer shelf life than other marketing efforts.