How Long-Tail Keywords Can Help Pest Control Websites

By Chris Keenan on May 10, 2019

Keywords are a huge factor when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and as a pest control business with a website, you should be factoring in keywords into your website.

How do you get better rankings though or show search engines where you are located when the obvious keywords are very broad such as Mice, Bats, or Crickets?

Long-tail keywords are a great way to localize both your business online and get targeted with what your audience is looking for.

This may require research of what customers are searching for but can allow you to focus your websites better to target your specific local audience in your service area.

Long-tail keywords help get micro-specific

Words such as ants or bees are very broad and may not help differentiate your pest control business from the many others around you.

Knowing how to get more specific may help you key into what your customers are looking for by adding in those other key phrases. Ideas such as “ant control around pool” for a customer in Florida is an idea of a long-tail keyword focusing on a specific problem. Another phrase could be “Bee control for wood awning” can help customers target companies that can work with pests in high spaces such as awnings on homes.

These key phrases will involve research into what your local customer base may be looking for beyond the pests themselves.

Long-tail keywords may help with local search

Along with creating terms for the pests themselves, you also want to see where your customers are needing service. A long-tail keyword focused on local could be “Pest control in Topeka, Kansas” or even more micro on a neighborhood basis. Although the Topeka example may still be broad as you are against all other pest controllers in that area, it shows your customers and even the search engines where your business is located and will help search engines place you when someone types a broad statement such as “exterminator near me.”

Long-tail keywords offer search boosts over time

Between being more focused on what your customers are looking for and getting search engines to understand your locale, long-tail keywords help rank over time.

Keywords are being targeted by many companies online so the more broad keywords will have a harder time to rank for as you are up against thousands of others. The more specific you can get by using phrases or long-tail keywords, the competition begins to dwindle. Combine that with local key phrases and you will have an easier time moving up the ranks online. The crawl is slow with SEO but the gains are more sustainable and long-term.

If you are unsure of how to start the process of finding the best keywords for your website or even paid advertising, calling a lead generation or marketing company can help you get started with your pest control business’s online presence and marketing.