Four Ways To Make 2019 A Great Year In Pest Control Marketing

By Chris Keenan on April 4, 2018

We are already into Quarter Two of 2019. If you are a pest controller or own a pest control business, you may be looking at your current Quarter One data and wondering if your marketing is working.

Do you wish you had generated more leads to your business? Could you have received a better ROI on your current marketing plans? These are all questions to consider. While you do not want to completely revamp a marketing plan based on one quarter’s worth of data, it is still worth considering what could have caused a less-than-expected ROI.

Below are a few suggestions on what you, as a pest control business, should do with the already existing 2019 data–and even past data as well.

Create An Tentatively Updated Marketing Plan

If you want to make small tweaks to your marketing plan, look at the data and find the pain points to address. A/B testing is a safe and effective way to mitigate areas in which you did not succeed in the way you wished without completely erasing and changing the existing data.

Perhaps, you did not offer a competitive enough coupon or the wording on your ads or landing page was not the more enticing. Changing a few words or offering a new deal could be the difference. See what your customers engage within Quarter Two vs Quarter One and see if something sticks better with your customer base.

Look At Your Numbers

Your numbers mean everything when it comes to marketing. Your cost per conversion, cost per click, and other data can help you find out where you need to make adjustments. If you are finding it is costing you too much to close a conversion, then maybe there are easy ways to fix the problem.

Simple ideas could be looking at your keywords to make sure you aren’t getting any erroneous clicks on keywords that never net any leads. You can also look at your budget and increase or decrease based on data given. You may ultimately be running out of budget before you hit your target audience, you may also be wasting money by showing your ad during times of the day that never convert.

Be Open To New Approaches To Marketing

You may have always done one type of marketing such as billboards or mail-outs, but you have never done online paid marketing for your pest business to generate pest leads. Be open to trying new marketing approaches.

You need to know your audience and where they are looking. Gathering this data through questionnaires is the first step and react accordingly. If your customers are on social media then meet them there, if they search Google then make sure you have a local and large-scale presence on Google.

Involve The Team In The Marketing Process And Delegate

As a pest control business, your pest controllers are also part of your marketing campaign, so equip them with the knowledge to succeed in your business. High-tech approaches such as offering a tablet to have customers pay with an option to offer a review and gather emails for pest email marketing can be great ways to include everyone in the process.

Make sure you are delegating the new approaches to allow to get the best ROI with reviews and other marketable material which are assets for your company.

2018 can be a great year if you combine the above marketing and lead generation tactics to your pest control business. Not sure where to start? Hiring a marketing company to attract the customers and leads you are looking for is a great step and can allow you to focus on the business end of pest control.