Four Ways To Create More Local Exposure For Your Pest Control Business

By Chris Keenan on July 2, 2018

While there are many large scale pest control businesses out there, there are also many local pest control operations as well.

Perhaps, you have a few employees, a truck, and run a small operation. You are just as able to create successful marketing with your company size and budget as some of the big names in pest control. How? With local marketing.

You want to be THE pest controller of your local area and with laser focus in this demographic, you can create your own mark within your community as the go-to pest controller, but you need to be able to leverage local marketing. Below are a few ideas of different ways you can create a good local reputation and get customers from your service area to call:

Google My Business

Google My Business is a definite go-to when it comes to getting your business online and searchable for local residents. You will add your website, phone number, and even can add a map if you have a physical location of your business.

Your area code, the map, and other capabilities will be able to locate where you are and then show your company to those searching for a pest controller in the area Google believes you to be in based on area code, etc.

*It is also important to remember you should always have a local area code for your business, even if you do own multiple locations, so that each one can be targeted to that specific area.

Local Sponsorships & Links

Online links will help your domain authority, but they can also pin-point your geographic location for a win/win situation. Being a sponsor for local events and getting a link placed on the event or groups website can help search engines take where the group or event is located and trace it back to your link, further helping place you in the locale and getting noticed by members of your community interested in the event.

On a non-online basis, you can also sponsor events and place your name on signage and pamphlets or place a tent up to hand out information to local residents, another way to become more known in your neighborhood.

Targeted Paid Ads

Google Ads and Bing can help you if you make sure to create ads focused on where you are. While promoting your specials and what you have to offer is great, you also need to put keywords in your ads to help create a local advertising campaign with these platforms.

It can be as simple as making sure the state and city names are listed within your ads. It does not need to be deep-diving. If you want to get a little deeper, you may want to understand the local language of your target audience and different phrasing that comes with living in different parts of the country.

Tangible Marketing

What is meant by tangible pest marketing material is the local mailers, billboards, and flyers. If you can hand them out or get those driving by to see your business, then you are marketing to the right crowd. Make sure you are getting your best points across in your marketing collateral, as you only have so many seconds to capture their attention.

Getting in front of your audience even in the old-fashioned ways can help create a local persona for your pest control business and get people noticing you and your pest company.

Not completely sure how to go about doing the above? Or, perhaps you just don’t have the man-power being a smaller operation. It may be best to consult with a lead generation or marketing firm to gather ideas or work with them to create a good and sustainable local marketing effort.